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Munchies & Mags

The Munchies and Mags Program is an awesome opportunity for your girl to enhance her Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Much more than a money-earning activity, Munchies and Mags teaches your Girl Scout skills that will help her grow into a leader and prepare her for the future.

Participating girls will develop skills in financial literacy and learn how to set goals, make individual and group decisions, craft their unique sales pitch, manage troop proceeds and ethically run a business. This  Fall Product Program is as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

Munchies and Mags Training.

Starting on September 12,  you can register for an online account and send personalized e-mail messages to friends and family inviting them to shop on your personal online storefront. You can also click here to register a girl to sell. 

Deliver nut/candy products in November to customers and celebrate your troop’s achievements!

For more information, email our Customer Care Team or call 800-239-6636.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the items we offer and have not been visited by a Girl Scout in your community, please e-mail your contact information (name, address, zip code, and phone number) or you can call 800-239-6636, and the council can connect you with a troop in your area.

Munchies & Mags Q & A

Why are we having a Fall Product Program?

Many troop leaders are excited about having the opportunity to begin the year with great programming and the opportunity to raise start-up funds for their troops. Munchies and Mags is a great way to help defray some of the troop cost between start-up time and the cookie program.

When does the program take place?
  • Order taking begins September 12
  • In-person order taking ends October 17
  • Online selling ends November 6
What items are being offered for the Fall Product Program?

2022 Munchies List

2022 Magazines List

For each $6 donation, we will send one tasty can of nuts or package of chocolates to military troops serving overseas, Ronald McDonald House, East Alabama Food Bank, and/or the Dothan Rescue Mission.

How many nut/chocolate items are in a case?

There are 12 items in every case.

Why should I order magazines through the council?

GSSA and local Girl Scouts receive a portion of the subscription fees. Not only are you getting a great magazine, you are supporting Girl Scouts in your local community and helping to provide programs, adult training and support for our camp.

Can I renew before my subscription is due to expire?

Renewals ordered ahead of time will be added on to your existing subscription. To avoid receiving double subscriptions, fill out your order form with name and address exactly as it appears on your current subscription label or tape the label to the order form.

Can I order magazines for a business?

Yes, however the subscription must be sent to a specific person. Subscriptions sent to a business name, library or media center cannot be processed.

When is payment collected for items ordered?

Payment may either be collected at the time of ordering or when the product is delivered.  Magazines and online items are paid for at the time of ordering. 

Who should I call if I have problems with my magazine order?