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Our Staff


Please contact Customer Care with any questions at 1.800.239.6636.


For media inquiries, please call 1.800.239.6636.


Executive Office


Karlyn Edmonds

Chief Executive Officer


Retail Shop


Cathleen Sigmund

Kristen Gazzier

Retail Manager

Mobile Retail Specialist


Customer Care


Launa Boynton

Kristen Gazzier

Customer Care Coordinator 

Customer Care Specialist


Volunteer Experience

  Marcie Gaylor Volunteer Experience Coordinator 

Membership Recruitment


Kimberly Robinson

Candace McNickles

Megan Kirkland

Tiffany Blakney

Lakesia Jessie

Director of Membership

Customer Engagement Team Lead

Community Engagement Specialist 

Community Engagement Specialist

Membership Development Specialist


Camp and Outdoor Experience


Jennifer Nykerk

Mike Breshears

Jesse Malone

Camp Director 

Kamp Kiwanis Ranger

Camp Sid/ Scoutshire Woods Ranger


Product Programs and Girl Experience


Lycretia Adams

Kayla Dutruch

Director of Girl Experience

Girl Experience Specialist




Whitney Griswold Califf  

Awards Manager


Fund Development and Community Programs


Alicia Schneider

Whitney Griswold Califf

Katelyn Nelson-Hickman

Jennifer Nykerk

Chief Development Officer

Community Development and Awards Manager

Community Programs Specialist

Community Programs Specialist


Marketing and Communications


Jackie Lucas

Emma Pitts

Director of Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications Specialist




Bob Buss

Cathleen Sigmund

Chief Financial Officer

Accounting Assistant