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GIRL Surprise Packs are subscription packs that come filled with an array of amazing Girl Scout goodies, accessories, and apparel to appeal to your Girl Scout! Each pack is different and designed with a theme for that season in mind, which makes it a fun surprise! Packs are mailed quarterly to give girls snail mail to look forward to each season during the Girl Scout year!


$35.00 per box

Pay for 4 boxes upfront 


$38.00 per box

Pay for each box as you go before the box ships.

Pay with a credit card or PayPal

Pay using Program Credits

How does it work?
  1. Sign up! Choose the plan that works best for you.
  2. We pack your box! We stuff each box with FUN Girl Scout gear.
  3. You receive your box! Open it and enjoy your Girl Scout accessories, apparel, and more!
What comes in my GIRL Surprise Pack?

Each pack is different and has Girl Scout accessories, apparel, and more! Packs will vary from quarter to quarter based on what season it is. 

How will I be charged for the subscription?

When signing up, you will either select the sign up button below pay with a credit card/Paypal or select pay with Program Credits. You will then be asked if you prefer to be billed annually or quarterly. Using the card information you provide, we will either bill you on the 1st of each quarter or the day of purchase for annual. 

Do I have to pay shipping or extra fees?

Shipping is on us, and there are no additional fees!

When will my Girl Surprise Pack arrive?

GIRL Surprise Packs will be shipped out on the 15th of the month (October, January, April, and July). Your Pack should arrive within 5-10 business days of being shipped.  

If I sign up after the first pack has been shipped, can I still sign up?

Yes, you can sign up for GIRL Surprise Pack at any time. 

I did not receive my GIRL Surprise Pack. What do I do?

If you do not receive your package after 5-10 business days, please contact or call 1-800-238-6636.