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Animal Encounters at Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

Sat May 08, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Fri Nov 20 - Tue Apr 20
Girl Program
Minimum Attendance:
Maximum Attendance:

This program covers this (these) Girl Scout Outcome(s):

Sense of Self – Girls have the confidence in themselves and their abilities, and form positive identities.

Positive Values – Girls act ethically, honestly, and responsibly, and show concern for others.

Community Problem Solving – Girls desire to contribute to the world in purposeful and meaningful ways, learn how to identify problems in the community, create “action plans” to solve them.

Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY! You are invited to explore the new home of the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo where you will be amazed by their modern educational wildlife facility spreading over 25 acres. Professional animal experts will host presentations throughout the park. The zoo houses 22 endangered/vulnerable species and we will have a special presentation on the topic of animals that are in danger of becoming extinct. Every girl will receive a patch and Juniors will earn the Animal Habitats Badge.

  Entrepreneur: $11.00

Regular: $21.00     

Adult: $10.00

 For registration information, email customer care or call 800-239-6636.