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Hurricane Preparedness

Thu Sep 17, 8:00 AM - Mon Nov 30, 8:00 PM
Member Benefit
Daisy, Brownie

This program covers this (these) Girl Scout Outcome(s):

Sense of Self – Girls have the confidence in themselves and their abilities, and form positive identities.

Positive Values – Girls act ethically, honestly, and responsibly, and show concern for others.

Challenge Seeking – Girls take appropriate risks, try things even though they may fail, and learn from their mistakes.

Community Problem Solving – Girls desire to contribute to the world in purposeful and meaningful ways, learn how to identify problems in the community, create “action plans” to solve them.

Washington D.C. Girl Scout alum, Kirsten Lyons, completed her Gold Award Project last summer by addressing the issue of hurricane preparedness for children in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She worked with a team of professionals including an illustrator, reading specialist, and translator to create a lesson plan for classes that she taught to children in the San Juan community. The lesson plan included a coloring book with captions in English and Spanish that share information in a fun, safe, and educational way. 

This year's hurricane season is predicted to be very active, and Kirsten want to do everything she can to serve high risk communities. She would like to zoom with Daisies and Brownies troops to teach about hurricane preparedness and share her coloring book. To schedule a zoom, please email Kristen.

 For registration information, please email customer care or call 800-239-6636.