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Cadette Cybersecurity Badge Day

Sat Oct 24, 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
231 Shelton Beach Road, Saraland, Al Map
Mon Aug 17 - Thu Oct 08
STEM, Girl Program
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This program covers this (these) Girl Scout Outcome(s):

Sense of Self – Girls have the confidence in themselves and their abilities and form positive identities.

Positive Values – Girls act ethically, honestly, and responsibly, and show concern for others.

Challenge Seeking – Girls take appropriate risks, try things even though they may fail, and learn from their mistakes.

Community Problem Solving – Girls desire to contribute to the world in purposeful and meaningful ways, learn how to identify problems in the community, create “action plans” to solve them.

Technology is such a big part of our lives that we don’t usually stop to think about it. While earning the 3 Cybersecurity badges, Girl Scouts will learn about cybersecurity basics and safeguards. The three Cadette badges the girls will earn are:

  • Cybersecurity Basics – The internet connects people and information easily. That can make life easier, but also riskier. In this badge, girls will learn how to keep their information safe from hackers.
  • Cybersecurity Safeguards – Every time you do something on your computer or other digital device- it collects and keeps information about you and what you’re doing. Girls will learn how computers and programs collect information about them and how they can protect themselves.  
  • Cybersecurity Investigator – Cyber investigators use clues to solve cybercrimes, such as stealing people’s credit card information or making a website crash.  Girls will learn what to look for and find clues about hackers and what they are up to.

Cost includes the 3 Cybersecurity badges. 

Entrepreneur Cost:  $25  

Regular Cost: $40

Girls are welcome to bring a snack/drink for the break.  

 For registration information, contact customer care at or 800-239-6636.