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Council's Own

Please note: all badges and patches on this page may be purchased in our Service Center council shops or in our online shop. Please confirm orders of more than 100 by calling 800-239-6636.


Beach Awareness Badge (Brownies)
Girls gain practical life skills, which will help them be safe and enjoy the beautiful beaches along the Gulf Coast. This badge is applicable to all beach areas.


Bit & Bridle Badge (Brownies)
While learning how to safely groom, ride and stable a horse, girls expand their knowledge and skills, set goals for themselves, and take appropriate risks.


Bump in the Night Badge (Brownies)
Girls gain practical life skills by learning about nocturnal animals. This will help them be more comfortable around nature when camping out.


Gulf Coast Marine Exploration (Cadettes)                                       Thanks to Troop 9327, girls will learn to appreciate marine life while learning how to serve and protect beaches. 


Our Community Badge (Brownies)
By learning about their community, girls will feel connected and understand the value of contributing their time and effort to the community now and in the future.

Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama Council's Own Patches. Please confirm availability for orders more than 100.


Boll Weevil (all age levels)
Learn about the history of the Boll Weevil and its impact on Enterprise and Alabama.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Civil Rights (all age levels)
Learn about civil rights and the history of civil rights in Montgomery, Alabama.


Discover Southern Alabama (all age levels)
This patch demonstrates to members of Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama many different educational, cultural, service-oriented, and fun opportunities available to explore in our 30-county Council area.


Distinguished Young Women's Be Your Best Self (all age levels)

To develop an understanding of the Distinguished Young Women Be Your Best Self program while gaining a desire for excellence. To build self-esteem to help one prepare to successfully deal with daily challenges in a way that exemplifies courage, confidence and character.


Exploring our Council’s Camps (all age levels) 

Girls will explore each of the Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama’s four camp properties-Scoutshire Woods, Kamp Kiwanis, Camp Humming Hills and Camp Sid Edmonds. The girls will earn each patch quadrant as they explore the camp and discover what makes each camp unique. 



Ft. Rucker (all age levels)
A fun and fascinating way to learn all about Fort Rucker, Alabama!


GSSA Cookie Achiever Patch (all age levels)
Are you a GSSA Cookie Achiever? Show the world how many cookies you have sold as you progress as a Girl Scout! You earn the patch and a 2,000 charm after you sell 2,000 boxes of cookies. Add additional charms for every 2,000 more boxes you sell. Have you sold 10,000 boxes? That's amazing! You've earned a 10,000 charm! Replace the 2,000 charms on your patch with a 10,000 charm. Then you can keep adding charms as you sell increments of 2,000 boxes. Please note: this patch has the Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama (GSSA) designation.


GSSA Honor Troop Patch (all age levels)
The Honor Troop Program offers leaders the opportunity to provide a quality Troop experience, and aids in Girl Scout retention.  Set troop goals using this program, and set up a schedule for achieving them!


KARMA - Kids Against Ridicule, Meanness and Aggression (Brownies - Ambassadors)
Anti-Bullying Patch Objective: To develop an understanding of the different types of bullying, how to prevent bullying and how to build a safe environment. To build self-respect and confidence to help girls overcome a bullying situation.


Mardi Gras (all age levels)
Girls learn about the socio-cultural and historical background of a major annual event in Mobile. This helps them to develop positive attitudes about learning and seek opportunities for expanding their knowledge.


Outdoor Essentials Patch Program (all levels)

Outdoor Essentials is a progressive patch program designed to guide each age-level, from Daisies to Adults, to develop increasingly more advanced skills and proficiency in the outdoors. The program is intended to supplement and enhance the existing Girl Scout program of badgework, Journeys and programs at camp. All will build skills in leadership and a passion for lifelong learning.  Check out our Outdoor Essentials Resources Manual with tons of tips and tricks! 



Ronald McDonald House (all age levels)
Girls feel connected to their communities by learning about the Ronald McDonald House and contributing to the House through tab collection and service projects. Troops earn the Ronald McDonald House patch the first year of participation. Those who participate additional years will earn a "tab top" to accompany the original patch.


Self-Defense Patch (all levels)

Learn how to protect yourself through self-defense. Research, learn and develop new skills through attending classes and watching videos about self-defense. 



Service Dogs (all age levels)
Girls will discover the amazing roles that service dogs play in the lives of people with disabilities.


Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama Council's Own Fun Patch


GSSA Council Fun Patch (all age levels)
GSSA council fun patch highlights a few of the things we love in Alabama! It shows our Capitol building in Montgomery, Auburn's Samford Hall, a Mardi Gras mask, peanuts, a camellia, and what's that bird? A Yellowhammer, our state bird, of course! This patch should be worn on the back of tunic, vest or sash.


Other Patches to Earn (not Council's own)

  Hour of Code Tutorial