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Coronavirus Guidance for Summer Camp

Safety is a cornerstone of Girl Scouting. As we develop exciting programs for campers, we will continually update our camp health and safety procedures when regulations and recommendation changes occur on both the state and national levels. We are regularly monitoring COVID-19 recommendations from the CDCAmerican Camp Association, Alabama Department of Public Health, county health departments, and GSUSA Covid Guidelines.

As in previous summers, we will have a detailed health screening process for summer camp that includes temperature checks, lice checks, and a check for communicable diseases. We are working with our Camp Health Consultants to include COVID-19 specific checks and regulations. This year, we will not be able to allow family members to get out of the car at check-in, so all paperwork must be completed before arriving at camp. Decisions on final health check procedures, including pre-screening forms and processes, and COVID-19 testing requirements, will be made closer to the start of camp.

Additional safety measures that will be in place:

  • Living unit capacities have been lowered at each of the camps. Cabins/Tents will be reduced to 50% capacity and beds will be set up to keep heads at least 6 feet apart. Each “family group” will have 12 campers or fewer. Masks will not be worn for sleeping.
  • Meals will be handled in family groups with groups assigned to specific areas to eat. Most meals will be taken outdoors. No self-serve buffets or salad bars will be allowed.  Meal selections will be pre-plated, boxed, or bagged.  Social distancing will be in place for all meals.
  • Additional staff will be hired to help ensure proper cleaning procedures occur on a regular basis. Cleaning protocols are in place for the cleaning of program spaces and equipment between use by family groups. We have drafted enhanced cleaning procedures that include cleaning high-touch areas every two hours (during active hours between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.).
  • In addition to current hand-washing stations, additional hand-sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the camp. Campers will sanitize before each new activity to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Programs will be conducted in family and unit groups (a combination of 2 family groups or less than 24 campers). The focus of our programs will be small group interaction and developing relationship skills within our communities. Campers will only interact with other campers in their designated unit groups. In order to manage contact to a limited number, we will not be able to move campers from assigned cabins and unit groups once they arrive on camp. Most staff will only interact with their designated unit group with the exception of the Director Team, Health Care, and some program specialists. These staff members operate under strict social distancing and mask guidelines.
  • Equipment and supplies for camp activities will either be in kits for individual use or sanitized between users. This includes equipment used for horseback riding, target sports, zip line, boating, and crafts.
  • Temperature and health checks will be completed daily at breakfast and bedtime. Campers will not be allowed to participate if they are feeling ill. COVID-19 testing requirements will be outlined closer to the start of camp and are based on state requirements and regulations for summer camps. Camp staff testing decisions will also be made closer to the start of camp.
  • Programs will be predominantly outdoors to reduce risk.
  • At this time, we anticipate mask requirements will be as follows: all campers and staff will wear masks except when clearly socially distanced outdoors or when swimming, eating or sleeping.

Cancellation Policy
Recognizing that camp families may be nervous about camp this summer, we have modified our cancellation policy to make it easier for you to feel comfortable planning for camp and making changes as necessary. If you need to cancel your camper’s registration, you can do so at anytime prior to the day of check-in.  Refunds, minus the deposit, will be processed by the final day of resident camp season.

Camp FAQs can be found here on our camp guide.

The situation is evolving, and changes to information and recommendations are ongoing. To ensure the highest level of safety for our campers and staff, we will make final decisions on cabin capacities, social distancing, mask-wearing, etc., in May 2021 --once we have a better idea of what summer will bring.

Camp activities (high adventure and general programming) are offered at the camp leadership team’s discretion. They may be modified or canceled to follow COVID-19 restrictions. Camp activities may not be available to all units and can be canceled due to weather or other circumstances. If Council cancels in-person programming for summer 2021, registrants will receive a full refund (including the deposit).

Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama offers the premier leadership development experience for girls helping them to discover their own sense of self, connect with others in an increasingly diverse world, and take action to make the world a better place.

Out of home and into the camp world, each girl is equal to those around her: As she sits around the campfire, rides a horse, tries zip-lining, or even sails for the first time, something in her changes—she is growing and gaining a sense of pride by facing fears, learning new skills, and making friends. She comes home with a spark in her. We call it the camp glow.

There’s a camp experience waiting for every girl—from stargazing and discovering wildlife to archery and canoeing. In southern Alabama, girls can blaze trails, explore the water, or tackle horseback riding.

2021 Summer Camp

Scoutshire Woods - June 13-18 OR June 20-25, 2021

Kamp Kiwanis - June 27-July 2 OR July 5-10, 2021

Find Your Favorite Summer Camp Sessions & Learn More About Camp!

2021 Summer Camp Guide

We know that sending your daughter to camp is a big decision—especially when it’s her first time away from home. Girls as young as Brownies (2-3 grade) can join overnight camps, which is a great way for them to explore their independence in a safe and supervised environment.

She’ll problem solve, learn to work with girls her age and return home excited to share the many new skills she learned. While bringing a friend might help her feel more comfortable, if she doesn’t, she’ll quickly make new friends on her many camp adventures!

We have also created new member safety guidelines for camp and will be adhering to GSUSA, CDC, American Camp Association, and the state of Alabama's healthy and safety protocols. Click HERE to learn more about what we're doing to keep your camper safe this summer!


The 2021 Girl Scout Summer Camp is going to be epic! 

Summer Camp Staff Application

Staff positions are being filled now for each week-long camp session at Kamp Kiwanis and/or Scoutshire Woods. Apply today to become a member of our Camp Staff Team.

Adult female applicants are being accepted for these positions:

camp counselor (ages 18-30)

lifeguard (Red Cross certified)

camp nurse (licensed RN or LPN)


 Questions?  Ask our Customer Care Team or call 800-239-6636.


Research shows that children who receive healthy mental stimulation over the summer retain a significant amount of what they learn during the school year. Summer camp encourages children to try new things, feel good about themselves and experience activities that they would not normally be offered. Campers will have a rewarding experience no matter which session they choose. Prior membership in Girl Scouting is not required. 

Year-Round Outdoor Program
We offer fun, hands-on learning—an enrichment experience that meets girls' needs. Girl Scouts has innovative program activities, events and camps for girls of all interests. We offer year-round opportunities to try new things and challenge yourself in a camp setting. You'll do more than enjoy camp activities; you'll join a caring community. Girls learn skills to resolve conflict, accept differences, get along with others, and work together to achieve a shared goal. The atmosphere of acceptance and sharing at camp is special, and it helps girls thrive. We invite you to join us for one or more of our year-round camp programs.

Search for year-round outdoor programs in your area or at your favorite camp property.

You can reserve our camp properties for day or overnight outdoor fun!