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Long-Range Property Planning

In 2020, Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama started work to identify the facilities and resources needed to provide the Girl Scout experience desired by our Girl Scout members.  This work, being carried out by the Long-Range Property Planning (LRPP) Task Group, will provide a data-driven report to assist in setting priorities for future investment in facilities and resources.

Girls and adults took our Long-Range Property Planning Survey that went out on June 22.  The survey closed on July 6. 

LRPP Announcements
LRPP Task Group Charge

The LRPP Task Group is comprised of three committees:

  • Membership & Marketing
  • Programs
  • Facilities

The members of the LRPP Task Group include community experts, volunteers, girls, board members, and staff.

The goal of the LRPP Task Group is to ensure GSSA properties and resources meet the needs and interests of existing and future girls. The work and recommendations of the three committees will be consolidated by the LRPP Task Group into a spreadsheet identifying the property and resources needed to provide future programs and experiences.



Task Group Composition:

The LRPP Task Group is comprised of community experts, Girl Scout volunteers, Girl Scouts, board members, and council staff, with input gathered throughout the process directly from girls.


Market and Membership Charge

This committee, through surveys, will look into the future and answer the question “What experiences and learning opportunities do Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama need to provide?” This committee will support its answers with market research, taking into consideration the span of ages of Girl Scouts, demographics, regional preferences, and affordability. 

Program Charge

The Program committee will identify and develop the types of programs needed to provide the experiences and opportunities identified by the Membership & Marketing Committee. This committee will categorize the programs by type, age appropriateness, and the facilities and resources required to deliver the programs.

Facilities Charge

This committee will identify the availability and need for facilities to provide the programs identified by the Program Committee. This committee will develop a database of programming facilities and resources available at existing Girl Scout and third-party properties.

LRPP Process

Will the LRPP Task Group decide if council owned properties (including camps) should be closed/sold?

No, that is not the job of the LRPP Task Group.  The LRPP Task Group will provide the Board of Directors with data and information regarding programs and resources desired by girls in our council. The Board may then use this information for decision making and prioritizing investments in available facilities and resources.  Any decision to sell or close council owned properties would have to be brought before, and decided upon, by the Board of Directors.   

How long will this process take?

This process should take roughly 9-12 months and should be completed in December of 2020.   

How is input from membership being gathered?

In the initial phase the Membership & Market Subcommittee will conduct surveys of both girls and adult volunteers. These surveys will be available on the GSSA website and social media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram etc.)   

How will the membership learn of survey results?

The GSSA website will be updated regularly throughout the entire LRPP process.

LRPP Timeline

Membership & Marketing Charge
June-July 2020 Market Research 
August 2020 present results

Program Charge
June-September 2020 Identify and develop Girl Scout programs
based on Membership and Marketing results
September 2020 present results

Facilities Charge
June-September 2020 Inventory of GSSA & third-party facilities & resources
September 2020 evaluate facilities & resources
based on Membership and Marketing and Program results

LRPP Task Group
November 2020 Compile results from committees and create a report  
December 2020 Present report to Board of Directors