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Summer camp hasn't started yet, it's raining pretty consistently and the kids are out for summer... What are your girls up to?  Is your troop meeting?  (I know I'd be meeting at least once a month to get that ice cream patch J)


Here are some rainy day (or any summer day) activity ideas:


Make individual servings of homemade ice cream This is amazingly simple for such a special treat. You can make an easy recipe that requires very little preparation time. The ingredients involve sugar, half and half, ice, rock salt, vanilla, ice and Ziploc bags.  (most of which you probably already have!)  The GSSA staff were discussing the recipe we've used at camp, but it will probably be a little less muddled to just link to Disney's version. 

Barbara Davis' tip: Get a large coffee can, and put the pint-sized Ziploc bag in.  Then, fill the can with ice and rock salt and roll it back and forth.  It's especially fun to roll the can back and forth with a friend; just watch Barbara and Kalishia do it!


Play Fort You know how much you loved it when you were a kid. Use sheets, blankets or comforters over tables and chairs. Put a lamp, pillow, books, games and snacks in the "tent". A giant appliance box is the perfect fort, of course, but it's a bit harder to find appliance boxes these days. You could visit a nearby furniture store with your girls. Bet they'll find one for you quickly - 'cause Girl Scouts are crafty!


Drama, what?? This may not be your girls, but I know a couple of drama lovin' Girl Scouts. I found a really cool activity your budding thespians are sure to love.  It's called 60-second fairy tales by Wade Bradford!  Talk about fast paced fun.


Journey on the Interwebs If you're going to be on the computer, you should send your girls to GSUSA's It's Your Planet site.  And I won't tell if you play around on it, too - it's that much fun!


Ok, there's four simple ideas... what activities do you have?  Bonus points if you make an instructional video!



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