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We want to make sure your troops can access the information they need on the Trophy Nut website.  To do this, Service Unit Fall Product Chairs should be sure to remove the "Check" from the  Troop has Read Only Access Box when they create new troops.  If a leader calls and states she can enter only one girl, then the Troop has Read Only Access Box is checked and must be corrected by the Service Unit Fall Product Chair, so that she can enter the proper information.  If you make sure to take this simple step now, you can avoid lots of phone calls later!

Nuggets of information for your success by Mary Anne


The Gold Award is the highest honor in Girl Scouting. Less than 6% of eligible girls receive this prestigious award yearly.  In order to achieve the Gold Award, the Girl Scout completes several steps designed to help her find her issue and her voice. After she determines how she would like to impact the community, she presents a proposal to the Gold Award Committee. The Gold Award Committee consists of active Girl Scout volunteers and other community members.  The committee is responsible for:

·         determining if the proposal has merit

·         making suggestions to strengthen the proposal if necessary

·         interviewing girls after their project is completed

·         determining whether or not the girl's efforts merit a Gold Award


Deadlines for this year's Gold Award interviews have been set: October 24, January 16, March 27, and July 10, in Mobile and Montgomery.  Girls need to submit their proposals and final reports four weeks before the date they wish to interview to allow the committee sufficient time to review their reports.


Girls are strongly encouraged to complete their Gold Awards before their senior year in high school. If a girl decides to wait until her senior year to complete her  award, it is in her best interests to have her final interview no later than March 27; this will allow time to make any changes or additions the committee may deem necessary and still finish before the September 30 absolute deadline for committee-approved Gold Awards.


If you have any questions about the Gold Award or the process, please contact Mary Anne Brutkiewicz at ext.1202 or mbrutkiewicz@girlscoutssa.org.  

Did you ever wish that all the answers to the most common questions about Girl Scouting in southern Alabama could be found in one place?  Here it is:

·         the whats: programs, badges, meetings, awards, cookies and more;

·         the whys: council policies, how they work, when to use them; and

·         the hows: taking trips, understanding your girls, and getting the most out of your leadership role.


Volunteer Essentials is your guidebook to the world of Girl Scouting!  Volunteer Essentials can be found here, or on our Forms and Resources page under Publications.


In addition to Volunteer Essentials, you will also find many more forms for girls and adults, and training and volunteer materials on our Web site. Please check the site regularly for updates and also subscribe to The Virtual Volunteer for even more of the news you need to know.

This new enrichment course is offered for people interested in:

·         Street Games to get Kids Outdoors and Active

·         Strengthening the Mutual Relationship Between Families and Nature Through Water Resource Activities

·         Using STAR GPS to Promote Outdoor Play

·         Native Songbird Population Recovery Efforts

·         STAR Disaster Preparedness: Practical Information for Young People


When: Saturday, Oct. 10 from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.  

Where: Camp Sid

Who: Adults and girls 14+

Cost: $5 per person


Get all the information you need on our Events and Programs Calendar!

Our Fall Product Sale starts Sep. 25, 2009.  Your troop will earn $1 for each candy item sold and $2 or $3 for Magazine Vouchers. This is a quick and easy way to earn extra money for your troop.  Need information on how to get started?  Contact Chris Shavers


You can get trained for Fall Product right from the comfort of your home!  Online training is available - to get access, contact Chris Shavers or your Service Unit Product Chair.


To contact Chris Shavers call extension 2202, or e-mail cshavers@girlscoutssa.org


IMPORTANT! NEW!  Revised Safety-Wise Standards and Checkpoints for Online Marketing. This exciting new plan for marketing the Girl Scout Cookie and Fall Product sales allows the use online resources for selling in a safe and fair manner. Girls of all age levels can use group e-mail to market the cookie and fall product sales and Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors can use social networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to market their products, as long as they follow certain guidelines.  For more about this exciting news, check out the 411 on Online Marketing for Girl Scout Product Activities.


Requirements to earn the Troop Bonus for 2010 Cookie Sale will include completing three activities from the age-appropriate Little Brownie Baker (LBB) provided Cookie Activity Kit 2009-2010.  The kit contains fun and exciting activities, so contact your Field Executive or Council Service Center to get your book and get started.



Safety-Wise Revisions for Online Marketing 


411 on Online Marketing


Internet Safety Pledge

Stumped on what your troop should do this month?  How about using the environmental events for September?  They're a great way to incorporate the new Journey.

September 3 The Wilderness Act of 1964 enacted by Congress

September 18 World Water Monitoring Day, www.worldwatermonitoringday.org

September 19 International Coastal Cleanup, www.coastalcleanup.org 

September 26 National Public Lands Day, www.publiclandsday.org



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