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One of the ways we celebrate Girl Scout Week (March 8-14 this year) is to offer our appreciation to the many of you in our communities who've given your time, talent and financial donations so that we may continue with the Girl Scout legacy of service to others. 

During this special week, we hope your religious organization chooses to celebrate Girl Scout Week by including this year's bulletin insert during Girl Scout Week. We have inserts for bulletins (5.5 by 8.5 inches) that are free of charge.  We have several thousand and will give them out until they are gone.  Ask your church or synagogue to place these inserts in their bulletins during Girl Scout Week, and let us know how many you need by filling out this form.  Don't hesitate if you need 500 or more inserts! 

Every year, a local Girl Scout designs the artwork for the insert.  The back of the insert has the Girl Scout promise, the Girl Scout law, and the address and web site of the council.  Click here to see the full size 2009 insert.

Some religious organizations also choose to let the Girl Scout troops attend services in uniform and take part in the service by taking up the offering or presenting the colors.  Make it a special day and help continue to make Girl Scouting relevant for the next 97 years and beyond!

Here's the scenario:  your girls are making lots of cookie profits and want to use the money to take a trip.  They brainstorm exciting activities and destinations and turn their shining, eager faces to you for approval. 
What's your next step?  Our Volunteer Services Liason, Cheryl Miller, is happy to answer this frequently asked question. "Safety-Wise, our manual that defines safety guidelines for almost every situation, is our best reference.  It outlines, step by step, what you should do to prepare for almost any trip or activity, including when you need to contact the council or your service area for approval.  Chapter 7 outlines the steps for activities that are not covered by other chapters (like camping, land-based activities, and water activities).  There is even a helpful list on page 80 that outlines activities that are not approved -- sorry, bungee jumping is out!" 
Safety-Wise takes the guessing out of activities planning. It's a great resource! Other resources can be found on our Forms page, including: 

Form for getting written authorization:  overnight trip/camping form... http://www.girlscoutssa.org/forms/Program/Overnight_Trip-Camping_Application.pdf

Additional Insurance form http://www.girlscoutssa.org/forms/Program/addtl_insurance.pdf


There are many veterans who are hospitalized, and they are of all ages. Some do not have families, and getting a card from a Girl Scout Troop would mean so much! Cards for any holiday are welcome. The link below provides guidelines and dates.

This is an inexpensive yet very meaningful craft that any age level can do and provides comfort, support and appreciation for the men and women who have served our country. Here's the link:

A "trip" is when your troop/girls go anywhere beyond your normal meeting place.  If you are planning a trip with your troop, please remember that troop leaders must complete the Venturing Out training that is available online.  (http://girlscoutssa.org/training-misc/VO.pdf)


Always follow the Safety Wise rules for the trip/activity and make sure you have Permission Forms, Girl and Adult Health Forms, emergency contact info, a list of your registered and approved adult volunteers/chaperones and/or drivers, a map for every driver, etc. (see pg.54 and the index of Safety-Wise.)


Who needs to be registered and who needs to be approved?

See page four of the Leader Notebook  (http://girlscoutssa.org/forms/Adult_Volunteer/LNB.pdf)


Camping Adventures Overnight (Auburn), previously scheduled for Mar. 7-8, is rescheduled to Mar. 21-22.

This event is for adult volunteers with little or no outdoor camping experience, who want to learn all about troop camping basics in a low-key and fun environment.  Participants are welcome to bring their daughters (additional fee and min. age apply.)

Contact Cheryl Miller, cmiller@girlscoutssa.org   or  334.312.0433, to obtain the pre-requisite home study quiz (Preparing for Troop Camp/First Outings).




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