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That depends on how quickly you complete the training that is offered and how much you take advantage of the help that is available to you.  Most volunteers start to feel like they know what is going on within a few weeks of completing their training.  After that, take advantage of the resource people within your Service Unit and your Council. 

This is a very exciting year in G.S. history.  Councils nationwide have begun the transition to using standardized, consistent training materials and methods, and for your convenience, most training is available to you free and online.  Keep checking the Council website because you will see the updates to the training materials posted there first.

Girl Scout uniforms unite Girl Scouts around the world as a sisterhood of leaders.  In the tradition of updating these important symbols of belonging periodically, the National Board of Directors approved a new policy for implementation in fall 2008.


Required Elements:
Girl Scouts at each level will have one official uniform item (e.g. tunic, vest, sash) for the display of official pins and awards.  This uniforms item will be required when girls participate in ceremonies or officially represent the Girl Scout Movement.

The official dress code will unite girls as Girl Scouts.  Daisies and Brownies may still wear the full uniform ensembles.

While you're getting things together and getting organized for this new Girl Scout year, you will find all the forms you need, on the Council web site.

From the main page, if you click on Forms and Resources, you will find lots of forms and publications under a number of sub-headings.  Under "Programs & Events Forms", there are Single and Multi-event Permission forms, Girl and Adult Health History forms, Overnight Trip forms, etc.  Take a look at the Multi-event Permission form; that's  a very handy organizer that also serves as a record of events that each girl attends throughout the year.  If you already know that your girls will be participating in certain Council or local events like the Christmas Parade, Thinking Day, etc., you can go ahead and type the information onto that form, print a copy for each girl, and have that ready for the parents to sign at your troop parents' meeting this fall. 

Many troop leaders create a folder for each girl, where they place the information that the parents need to sign or pick-up when they arrive at the meeting with their daughters.  That's a great place to keep this form throughout the year.  

Do I keep using my current handbooks and materials, even though we are starting with the new Journeys?
Keep using them. It will take several years to create sufficient new program materials for each age level, and there are many great examples of our Discover, Connect, Take Action leadership philosophy at work in the existing materials. Refer to the Winter 2006 issue of Leader Magazine: (Setting the Pace for the Future: The Girl Scout Leadership Model  and Activity Tip Sheets) for tips on how to adapt existing materials to the new leadership philosophy. Existing materials will begin to be phased out around 2010.

Every fall, we look forward to our copy of Connections to see what the Council has planned for us.  But there is SO much more going on!  We update our website (sometimes DAILY) with new programs and adult learning opportunties as we learn about them or develop them. 

Checking the Programs and Events page as you are planning your troop's schedule will give you the very latest information.  New Adult Learning Opportunities are listed right away, too, to give our Volunteers as much lead time as possible in scheduling needed and fun training.  Check it out!

Do you need to find a troop in a particular county or town?  Maybe by zip code in a larger city?  Our website has a new feature -- you can search for the Girl Scout Field Executive who can answer your questions.  Go to our Join Us page; you will see a search box where you can enter a zip code, city, or county and get the contact information for the Field Exec who can answer your troop availability questions.

Did you know that our 5-year-old Daisies need a "boost"?  State law says that "until age six" (which means thru age five) kids need to be in booster seats, after they're big enough to move out of a carseat.

When you are organizing an outing for your Daisy troop, remind parents to bring their 5-year-old child's booster seat.  Staying safe is an important part of Girl Scouting!

If you are interested in reading the state law, click here for Alabama Code Section 32-5-222.

The bottom line is: If a troop wants to make a T-shirt, but won't be selling it, they can!  We sincerely apologize for any miscommunication about this issue! 

The name Girl Scouts, GSUSA and/or any service marks (like the Trefoil) can be used on merchandise (like T-Shirts) with the following conditions:

  1. The item will not be sold or at an event where a participant fee is charged
  2. The item also must include Girl Scout Troop/Service Area XXXX or Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama Troop/Service Area XXXX



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