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Going Somewhere?

The number one question we receive after the cookie sale is: What paperwork do you need me to send in, if our troop is going (fill in the blank)?"

Here's a comprehensive rundown -- all in one place!


Trips, Outings, & Overnights

require a little advance planning by your Troop Trip Coordinator.

Some quick reminders:


Girls are not permitted to leave the meeting place

unless you notify your SUM or Field Exec of the troop's travel plans.


-Adults are not permitted to drive

unless they have been Approved, are over the age of 21, and have a valid driver's license and auto insurance card on file with the troop. 

Keep a copy of each driver's license and insurance card in your Troop Trip Folder.

Copies of these documents must be attached to every Overnight Trip/Camping Application as well. 


Adults are not permitted to chaperone,
stay overnight, drive, or handle troop funds, unless they are approved volunteers and current registered members.


-Activity insurance will not cover members

unless your trip is approved, every participant is registered as a member, each adult is an approved volunteer, and safety-guidelines and policies are followed, including having signed permission forms.  

Pull off a copy of the most current 2012 Safety-Activity Checkpoint  for each activity, from the council website.

"Tagalongs" cannot be insured unless they have planned activities, designated supervision, and insurance has been purchased for them.


-Overnights are not permitted

without the approval of an Overnight Trip/Camping Application.

This includes ALL overnights, whether at a state park, at one of our Council camps, the local church basement,

a hotel, or your backyard.  Applications are to be submitted 2-4 weeks in advance, to


A Troop/Trip Folder can save you

tons of time and will keep you ready for every meeting, activity, and travel opportunity throughout the year. 

The leadership team-member who is with the girls, must be in charge of this folder.


The Troop/Trip Folder should include:

-health forms, for girls and adults sealed in envelope for privacy.*

-troop roster with emergency contact numbers*

-trip itinerary*

-maps, destination addresses & phone numbers

-permission slips 

-copies of reservations, pre-payments, business contacts, etc.

-copies of every adult's driver's license and auto insurance

-copy of certifications - FA/CPR, lifeguard, canoe, archery, camping, etc.

Each driver, and your at-home contact, should have an envelope containing copies of the first three items. *

Do not finalize any plans until your overnight trip has been approved by Council, 4 weeks prior to launch.


And, did you know......?

-Caravanning (following a lead driver) is not permitted.

-Emailed permission is valid; it should contains the details of the outing, the name of the girl, emergency contact numbers, and the name of the parent giving permission.

-Before you rent a vehicle (to charter a bus, rent a car, etc.) you must complete the Vehicle Rental Application and have it reviewed by a council staff member.

-Camp reservations will be cancelled, unless your Overnight Trip/Camping Application is received 2 weeks in advance.


For questions about trip applications, insurance, rental applications, safety-guidelines, volunteer approval, etc., contact





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