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Cheryl_Miller_cookies.jpg-- by Cheryl Miller, Learning & Volunteer Services Liaison

Girls learn so much at booth sales -- from communicating with new people to handling money. Following these guidelines will hep ensure the best possible booth sales for your Girl Scouts:

1. Wear Girl Scout Membership pin with uniform or Girl Scout T-shirt

2. Notify merchant/customer service on arrival and departure. Let them know we appreciate the opportunity to sell cookies outside their business. Don't expect the business to provide change, tape, scissors, pens, etc.

3. Ask customers politely ONCE as they are leaving the store. Be sure to thank the customer whether they buy cookies or not.

4. BEST BEHAVIOR, BE COURTEOUS!! Don't block walkways. Say please and thank you. Smile!! Girls and adults represent the world's largest organization for young women.

5. No eating or drinking during a booth sale.

6. An adult must be present at a booth sale at all times.

7. Do not allow girls to wander around the location un-chaperoned.

8. An adult is responsible for money at all times. An adult watches or assists as the girls handle money. Keep money box in a safe place, especially during loading and unloading of cookies. DO NOT keep large amounts of money in the money box!

9. Keep booth area clean and remove ALL trash. Troop is responsible for removing and disposing of all trash and boxes. Girl Scouts always leave a place better than they found it! 

10. RESPECT other troops sale time!!! Don't set up early, and don't stay after the allotted time. 

Be sure to follow these Booth Sale Guidelines for a safe, respectful, and successful booth sale.



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