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Our girls love to take part in choosing cookie recognition choices -- and we love to hear from them!  Please encourage them to vote, either at a meeting or on their own.  We hope to get input from many girls as possible to be sure the cookie recognitions are the best they can be.  Click below on the image to vote (your input is encouraged, too!).  The deadline is July 13, so vote vote vote!
liz_brent.jpgCookies, cookies, we have summer resident camp rolling, all sorts of fun things going on, we are planning for cookie season. Didn't we just finish that? We always try to work to improve the cookie sale from your end. It takes a great deal of work and effort. It provides 75% of our income, so it is important to try to have all the pieces and parts working as smoothly as possible. The past 2 years, some Girl Scout councils have moved to a direct sale. That is a return to what many of your likely experienced when you were a Girl Scout. In this sale, as contrasted to our current taking orders, you have the cookies when the sale begins, rather than returning to deliver the cookies you have them for the entire sale. We would appreciate your feedback on this, both pros and cons. Those Girl Scout councils who have moved to this type of sale find it easier to manage because there is one less step in the process.

We will work to expand the delivery of cookies to the troop level throughout more of the council. We received very positive feedback on this. We will be asking both volunteers and girls to vote on their favorite recognitions. We are discussing adding a volunteer recognition component to the program, since we see you out moving the boxes, coordinating the monies, and doing lots of work. We would appreciate your feedback on that. Any feedback can be sent to We appreciate your input on these decisions.



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