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Cookie Bites


5 Things You Need to Know NOW!

  1. Cookie incentives have arrived in many parts of the council.  If you haven't received yours yet, they should be in your hands by the beginning of next week!
  2. The "My First Cookie Sale" patch will soon be on its way to those who ordered them.  These patches were ordered this week from the company.
  3. We take your comments seriously!  Please make sure to go online and complete our online cookie survey by Friday, May 1 (tomorrow!).  We will share the outcomes of the survey in next week's edition of cookie bites.
  4. You deserve a pat on the back!  Thanks so much for your work to assist us in collecting on cookie delinquencies.  We are down to less than $10,000 still owed for cookies, which is way ahead of where we were at this time last year.
  5. This week's 800+ club parties have been a big success!  We enjoyed seeing so many of our wonderful volunteers and girls and have the opportunity to highlight the girls' achievements.  We saw lots of smiling faces and folks having fun.  Thanks, again, to these special young ladies!

Cookie "Taste Test" Adds Tasty Fun to Annual Meeting

Volunteers tested their taste buds at our recent annual meeting.  During a special cookie taste test, guests at the meeting were asked to try samples of the top-selling cookies from Little Brownie Bakers (our current council baker) and ABC Bakers.  These samples included, Samoas/Caramel deLlights, Tagalongs/Peanut Butter Patties, Thin Mints and Trefoil/Shortbread.  It was a lot of fun to watch everyone examining - and even smelling - the different cookies!


The results of this fun survey were interesting and surprising.  It was almost a tie between the Little Brownie Tagalongs and the ABC Peanut Butter Patties, as many of you liked the creamy peanut butter in the ABC version.   The ABC Shortbread cookie and the Trefoil ended in dead heat, too, with some of our guests enjoying the sweeter Little Brownie cookie and others preferring the buttery taste of the ABC cookie.  The Little Brownie Samoa and Thin Mint won the taste test in their categories, and we received some interesting comments.


This cookie taste test was a part of our council's ongoing efforts to make our volunteers participants in our decision-making processes.  We want to make sure we have the best cookie baker for the girls of Southern Alabama and appreciate your input in this process.  Look for more cookie information coming soon!

Your response and comments on this year's Cookie Sale are very important in continuing to improve and provide quality services and programs to the Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama.  As a part of our ongoing efforts to improve the cookie sale, we ask that you complete our special Post-Cookie Sale Survey.  Thank you for your hard work, dedication and input on the 2009 Cookie Sale.


Click on the link to take the survey:

We have been hard at work finalizing this year's cookie sale and would like to thank everyone for all of your hard work.  It is thanks to the dedication and skill of all our volunteers that we have had a wonderful activity for the girls to participate in. 


Like all of you, we have been anxiously awaiting the delivery of the incentives!  Unfortunately, we found out that Little Brownie Bakers has not yet sent these items.  We know that the time that it takes to order the incentives at the troop level to the time that the girls actually get the incentives in hand is already too long for that Girl Scout who can't wait to get her beach towel or theme T-shirt or even her participation patch.  We sincerely regret the delay in the shipping of the incentives.  We are working with Little Brownie in hopes that they will be able to ship our incentive orders as soon as possible.  In the meantime, we would like to thank you for your patience.  We hope that you will be able to receive your incentives at your May Service Unit meetings.  That, however, is entirely dependent upon how quickly Little Brownie can get the items shipped.  We will update you as we receive information from Little Brownie.


Thank you for all that you do for the girls!

cookieflipit.jpgOn Sale Now in the Shop: Scrapbook Kits!  Create your own Girl Scout memories or add stickers to your personal journal, cards or letters.  Included in the kit are:

·         Cookie Themed Scrapbook

·         Cookie Flip-it Sticker pack

·         Bookmark

·         Scrapbooking Fun Patch


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This offer is good while supplies last.  E-mail or fax your orders to the store using the Shop Order form. 

Many of you may be breathing a sigh of relief that the cookie sale is over, but the rewards are just beginning!  We planned to give out three Wii or iPod's this year however, there was only ONE box difference between the third and fourth place cookie sellers, so we're giving away four! 


Congratulations to everyone on a successful cookie sale, and thanks for all of your hard work!


Check out the top sellers, and be sure and congratulate them if you see them!


The top four council cookie sellers are:

              Lindsay D. from Troop 8400 at 2,009 boxes

              Corrin G. from Troop 9303 at 1,612 boxes

              Jennalyn S. from Troop 9205 at 1,441 boxes

              Hannah L. from Troop 9205 at 1,440 boxes 



The top troops are:


Category 1-10 Girl Scouts Selling:

1.           5 Girl Scouts from Troop 8455 (SU 807) sold 337 cases of cookies (4,044 Boxes).  Troop Leader: Becky James

2.           9 Girl Scouts from Troop 8309 (SU 807) sold 299 cases of cookies (3,588 Boxes).  Troop Leader: Dana Jones


Category 11-20 Girl Scouts Selling:

1.                   20 Girl Scouts from Troop 9341 (SU 923 ) sold 554 cases of cookies (6,648 Boxes).  Troop Leader: Debbie Kasper

2.                   18 Girl Scouts from Troop 9265 (SU 923 ) sold 544 cases of cookies (6,528 Boxes).  Troop Leader: Denine Richey


Category 20+ Girl Scouts Selling:

1.                   42 Girl Scouts Troop 9351 (SU 913) sold 950 cases of cookies (11,400 Boxes).  Troop Leader: Jessie Harris

2.                   40 Girl Scouts from Troop 9418 (SU 916 ) sold 894 cases of cookies (10,728 Boxes).  Troop Leader: Alison Simonton



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