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Our CEO, Liz Brent, received an email from a Girl Scout mom whose husband instructs an Outward Bound Course for Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.  She convinced her husband to take 9 boxes of cookies left over from her troop's booth sale on his next course.  The course participants were in the Mobile Delta, slogging though the swamp in the cold and unceasing rain, and here's the message he sent to his wife:

"Girl Scouts save the day! Forgot to tell you. We were on the verge of hypothermia when we got out of the swamp. I got the kitchen up. Boiled water for tea and...served some cookies. Great for morale."

You have to LOVE the idea of these big, strong veterans fortifying themselves with tea and Girl Scout cookies!

It's amazing where our cookies go to brighten up the day! Leave a comment telling us what you do with your end-of-sale Girl Scout cookies!

Are you one of the troops who is having a booth sale after March 8?  Then your troop will need a few extra days to calculate incentives and such.  The new deadline is March 18 for incentives for all troops.  But if you are done selling, feel free to get your incentives in to ebudde as soon as possible!

We have been having a great cookie sale!  However, in many areas the weather has interfered with the booth sales.  From rainy days to freezing cold, many booth sales have been affected.  In order to help troops increase their sales, we have developed an option for them to extend their sale for an extra week.  All money due for the cookies that have already been given to the troops will still be due on March 10. However, if your troop would like to hold booth sales through March 15, payment for the cookies picked up from the cupboard after March 8 will be due on March 18.  This extension only applies to those cookies picked up after the official sale has ended.  Again, payment in full for all cookies that you have already received will still be due on March 10.  We hope this helps your troop end its sale on a high note!



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