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I've heard lots of stories lately about our helpful Girl Scout fathers.   One dad has a cache of cookies in his office, helping his daughter out.   In years past, he had a few regular cookie customers, but with cookies in hand longer, some of her regular customers have consumed their cookies, so they have returned.   What a guy to help his daughter.  

I heard another story about a Daisy's dad.   He is in sales; she's 5 and experiencing her first cookie program.   He spent part of a weekend teaching her the requisite skills of the successful sales person.   He started with what to wear; then he moved on to the sales pitch.   And, finally, the gracious thank you if you don't make the sale. 

 All are excellent skills to learn, since they will be useful in later life.   Another dad came by the office to say he would assist in any construction projects we might have at our camp properties.   He has experience with that and would like to share his skills, so the girls would have more things to do at camp.   With Valentine's Day just a few days ago, it is always good to give a hug to the guy you love and who supports you.   Thank him for all he does to make the world a better place!



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