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Dear Friends,


Having spent 30 years in higher education, this time of year always comes with some melancholy.   Young women you have worked with for years will walk toward a different path on their journey through life.  It is a time of reflection and taking stock of how those young women have changed you.  I find myself thinking about how some of them made a difference in my perspective on life and the world.


I have been struck by, as I have attended many end of the year events, how many high-achieving young women we will have leaving our ranks this year and moving on to the next phase of their life.  Most will go on to college, and some on to the military or other opportunities to use those skills they have taken away from their Girl Scout experience.  It is a time to celebrate their achievements, but also a time to reflect on how they have changed and how we have changed.


Thanks to all of you who have invested in the lives of this year's graduates.  Their achievements are many and a tribute to your investment of time with them.


Congratulations to the Girl Scout graduates of the class of 2009!




Elizabeth M. Brent, Ph.D.




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