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liz_brent.jpgIt has been a beautiful fall, wonderful bright days with the leaves turning magnificent shades of red, oranges and brown.   Being outside in nature always reminds us of the changing seasons and with fall comes Thanksgiving, a time to be grateful.

I have had the opportunity to experience a number of excellent events for girls this fall, events which are educational and build girls of courage, confidence and character.   I have also heard about many other events which I didn't have the opportunity to attend, where girls learned about cars, science, and the outdoors, to name just a few.

 What I am always struck with at these events is the generosity of those parents who take the time from their harried lives to invest in the future.  I worked at two large council events and saw many of the same parents spend most of their Saturday with their daughters or troop to assure those girls have wonderful childhood experiences.  Thanks to those of you who share your gifts with the girls who will be our future.    Thank you for being the type of person who recognizes that wise investments now will reap tremendous rewards later.  Thank you for having the patience to take your daughter to many places, participate, wait, listen and assist in giving them memories many of them will never forget.   And thank you for your generosity of spirit, to do this for the often unarticulated thanks for giving of yourself to others.

 I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.   Thank you so much.



Elizabeth M. Brent, PhD.


Service Unit 7 wants to thank Teri Eversole for volunteering her time to supervise horses for us at camporee. We couldn't have done it without her!  The council would like to thank Tracey Nichols, Liz Carnahan, Wendy Kidd, Shirley Willis and Mary Staton for volunteering their time at Autumn Adventures at Kamp Kiwanis.


Once a month on "Thankful Thursday" we invite you to join us in highlighting the work of special individuals who make a difference in Girl Scouting.



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