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You've seen the camp programs, you probably know which camp your daughter wants to attend... Now, you just need to fill out the forms to get her there!  We may be making this sound more complicated than it really is, but we want to be sure everyone knows which forms need to be filled out and when.


All campers need to fill out the:

·         Camp Registration form

·         Hold Harmless Agreement

·         Camper health-care recommendations (the physical must be completed within 24 months prior to camp)


Fill out one Health History Form:

·         Short term camper health history (3 nights or less)


·         Camper health history (4 nights or more)


All of these instructions are on the forms, but here's the big picture... 

·         Complete the Health History Form and make a copy.  Send the original, signed form by May 21 to the council. 

·         Complete the top of the Camper Health-care Recommendations form and provide the copy of the Health History to your child's health-care provider for review and completion.  After it has been completed and signed by your child's health-care provider, return the health-care recommendations form by May 21.


The Camp Scholarship Application is due by April 23.  (not postmark by April 23 like other programs)


All of these forms are on the Camps and Properties page, along with information about the different camp sessions.  If you have any questions, please call Barbara Davis at extension 1902.

It's time to start planning those camporees for the fall of 2010 and the spring of 2011.  The council will begin taking reservations on June 1, and as usual, we anticipate that slots will fill up quickly.  To reserve Camp Sid or Camp Scoutshire Woods, contact Barbara Davis (extension 1902), and for Kamp Kiwanis and Camp Humming Hills, contact Nina Davis (extension 2902).  Please note, there is a $50 deposit required to reserve camp for a camporee.


Information and reservation forms for each of our camps is on our Camps and Properties page.  The Camporee Book has information on all the camps, as well as great recommendations for planning a camping trip.



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