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mobileintlfestival-ps.jpgOne of our many Council patches centers around the Mobile International Festival, being held on Nov. 22.  Girl Scouts attending the festival can earn many of the requirements for the International Friendship Patch available on our council's website. Girls advance diversity in a multicultural world by learning to appreciate the international cultures represented at the festival.  They also have a GREAT time watching dances, eating food and seeing craft demonstrations from around the world!

You can order tickets using this form:

Is there an activity or historical site near you that is "patch-worthy"?  We welcome leaders to develop patches that focus on the rich history and diversity of our area.  Contact Mary Anne Brutkiewicz ( at 251-344-3330 more information on creating patches.


leafpress.jpgThe Home Depot holds Saturday workshops for kids, where they learn to build simple projects under supervision.  The Saturday, November 1, workshop will be to build a leaf press.  This could be used to meet requirements for the Plant-Plant Rubbing Try It for your Brownie troop.

Here is more information from The Home Depot web site.

Be sure to contact your local Home Depot to confirm times and availability!

votepatch.gifThe national, state and local election process will be at the top of the news until Election Day.  The election process provides a vivid backdrop to learn, get involved and become active in the political process.  Girl Scouts of Central Texas and the Texas State Department invite Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama to participate in the Project V.O.T.E. patch program!  There are activities appropriate for each age level. 


Some of the activities include:

  1. Name five objects that are necessary in a polling place in order to conduct an election.
  2. Make a poster or other visual display that depicts why people should vote and exhibit it at your school or local library. Example: an event, historical depiction, historical figure connected with why voting makes a difference.
  3. Design a ballot box.
  4. Design a logo which might encourage people to vote.
  5. Pretend that you are an elected official and prepare a speech to convince people why they should vote. Present the speech in a public place.

For more information on the patch, visit   To order patches, download the Girl Scouts of Central Texas Shop Order Form.  (    

The communities in our council thrive because of committed and talented individuals whose efforts make a difference.  Every year, we honor up to nine women in South Alabama who have distinguished themselves through service and leadership.

These women will exemplify extraordinary civic, professional and/or philanthropic commitment and achievement.  They will be be a role model for girls, demonstrating a commitment to the advocacy for improving the lives of women and/or girls and have demonstrated initiative, integrity and leadership characteristics.  Nominees are not required to have been or currently be a Girl Scout.

We invite you to nominate distinguished women from our communities.  One award will be presented in each of the nine categories at our Women of Distinction Gala in Montgomery on March 10, 2009. 

Please visit our Special Events page to learn more.  Deadline for nominations is November 28, 2008.

Every year, our council is privileged to select a a young woman (ages 14-18) as a Young Woman of Distinction.  Do you know this girl?  She may be in your troop, a friend's troop, or your own daughter! 

This Senior or Ambassador Girl Scout will, through her community involvement and service activities, demonstrate the 3 "Cs" of the Girl Scouting Movement: Courage, Confidence and Character.  She will be honored at our Women of Distinction Gala in Montgomery on March 10, 2009.  Here are the official rules:

·         Nominee must live or work within the geographic boundaries of Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama.

·         Exhibit courage, confidence, and character and make the world a better place.

·         Be between the ages of 14-18.

·         Nominees are required to be a current Girl Scout.

Visit our Special Events page for more information.  Deadline for nominating your Young Woman of Distinction is November 28, 2008. 

Our Rights, Our Responsibilities Patch
For Junior Girl Scouts






Join with Girl Scouts and Girl Guides internationally to gain a greater awareness of human rights and why they are essential for children worldwide. The activities in this patch encourage you to take constructive responsibility for claiming basic rights for yourselves and for others. In the process, you will be empowered to become effective citizens in your local and global communities.

The name of this initiative, "Our Rights, Our Responsibilities," comes from the current triennial theme of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). The initiative is based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, a human rights treaty adopted in September 1990. The treaty was designed to encourage countries around the world to safeguard the rights of children. The convention highlights the need to protect children from abuse, violence, and exploitation, as well as to provide access to adequate nutrition, healthcare, and primary education.

This participation patch, which will be in effect through 2008, can be earned by completing at least one activity from each of the six theme areas:

  1. The right to be me
  2. The right to learn
  3. The right to be heard
  4. The right to live in peace
  5. The right to be happy
  6. The right to work together
Get all the details on activities to fulfill the the patch requirements at GS Central.
fitsinn_brownie.jpgGSUSA is thrilled to announce the launch of Fit's Inn, a multimedia program funded by PepsiCo Foundation that encourages Girl Scout Brownies and Juniors to make smart choices about nutrition and fitness!  Through video episodes and girl-driven experiences, Brownies and Juniors are encouraged to get healthy, team up and take action, by moving away from the couch and onto the soccer field, yoga mat or even into the kitchen.


What will girls discover at Fit's Inn? Imagine the perfect destination where girls "check in" for a healthy getaway full of daily activities that inspire and challenge them to take action. Girls try sports and dance, and even learn yoga - all from girls their own age who act as "personal coaches" in five video episodes. To stay fueled for fun, girls also learn to make healthy meals and snacks. The positive experiences at Fit's Inn will build healthy habits that can last a lifetime. Girls can receive a participation patch for their involvement in Fit's Inn.

  fitsinn_junior.jpg Program components include 5 short videos (7-10 minutes each) and 2 facilitator guides, one for each level, including over 50 activities all on one CD.  Volunteers can download materials from the GSUSA website to learn more about the program. As part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, volunteers will be able to use Fit's Inn right alongside Girl Scout Leadership Journeys for Brownies and Juniors!

 So, check in to Fit's Inn at: and help girls build healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

 If you'd like to check out the Fit's Inn DVD, contact Mary Ann Brutkiewicz at 251.344.3330 or mbrutkiewicz@girlscoutssa.orgIf you would have any questions about Fit's Inn, please contact

 Fit's Inn is funded by the PepsiCo Foundation Grant



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