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GSUSA National Convention 2011CEO Dr. Liz BrentEvery three years, GSUSA holds a national convention where they transact business for the organization. Each council has a designated number of delegates for the convention. For about two days, the delegations listen to the pros and cons on business before the body.   In between, there are a few speakers and the exhibitors' hall. At the last convention, that was my favorite place because they had a live penguin in there.   The fall product and cookie bakers also had free food. So, that was a good respite from the slow movement of the democratic process.
In November, it is again time for this convention. We have a delegation from our council, voted on at the annual meeting in April.  They will travel to Houston for the convention.  The host council, Houston, assures us that this will be a once in a lifetime experience.

During the convention they will also have a girl leadership institute.  At the last convention this happened ahead of the convention so those girls who were older could actually be convention delegates.  This time the girl leadership institute runs concurrent with the convention.  We have 10 spaces available for girls 13 and older to attend this institute.   The dates are November 9-12.   The cost is around $1,000.  We do have some limited scholarship funds available.   If you know of an older girl who would like to attend, please contact me.

If you are interested in the proposed changes for the convention, we will be posting those on our website and welcome your comments.   As convention delegates, they should reflect the views of the membership of this council.   Comments are forwarded on to our convention delegation.

GS_100TH_burst400px.jpgDon't forget that July 31 is the final day to submit your recipes for our 100th anniversary cookbook!  Our goal is to have 200 recipes in this special book, and right now we need about 75 more, so we still need your help.  You may say you don't cook, but almost everyone has a special recipe from their mother, grandmother or a special friend they can share.
To enter your recipes or those of your troop, simply go to:  Our login is girlscout and our password is girls. Please make sure to enter your name and/or your troop number/location, so everyone knows who you are and where you're from.
Once you've entered your recipes, please continue to spread the word to other volunteers and friends in the community about this exciting project.  Time is running out!
liz_brent.jpgTechnology is the world our girls will inhabit.   I'm so old we thought getting a color television was a treat.   I learned keyboard on a typewriter, I'm not sure most of our girls know what a typewriter is. I got a transistor radio for my birthday one year.  But enough on my age, it is fascinating to see how girls today handle technology.  Although, I sometimes wonder what everyone is talking about on their cell phones.  

I was looking at introducing some technology for the cookie sale.  I don't know about you, but at the cookie sale there seems to be a lot of CASH and CHECKS. My husband is a banker and never carries cash.   As time goes on, that seriously impacts one of our great programs, people not having cash.  Another council, in Ohio has already done a trial run using TECHNOLOGY for their cookie sale.   You can get a small device that attaches to your smart phone to run credit cards through.  

We would like to pilot this with our troops for the fall product sale.   Since this is a more modest sale and it would be a good trial run.   If you and your troop would be interested in this trial, which means you and your co-leader have a smart phone, please let me know.  We'll see how it works before the cookie chaos begins.

E-Mail CEO Dr. Liz Brent at

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liz_brent.jpgI was at camp yesterday, getting paid to watch girls learning to use a stand up paddleboard, sail or archery. It was wonderful to see girls push themselves out of their comfort zone to try new things. The weather was beautiful, and girls were enjoying the outdoors, away from their electronics.  And guess what?  They were all having a great time!  They were talking to each other, face to face -- what a wonderful thing.  As times change, we have technology and all sorts of things that consume our time.  It's important to remember, though, that trying new things and talking to your friends, makes the best summer memories!