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On October 31, Girl Scouts from all over the United States will celebrate Juliette Low's 150th birthday!

The first troop of 18 Girl Guides formed in Savannah, Georgia, in March 1912 under the leadership of Juliette Gordon Low.  Juliette's goal was to guide her girls toward positive physical, mental and spiritual development. She took her girls hiking and camping, and taught them how to survive with first aid lessons and by using the stars as their guides. She followed through on her goal to bring her girls out into the open air and to participate in community involvement. But her success came at a price: her only funding opportunity came from the sale of her cherished and valuable pearl necklace.

Honor the birth of our founder by wearing pearls on Juliette's birthday. Thanks to her great sacrifice, Girl Scouts today are still enjoying the air of nature while maintaining their dedication to community service. By showing off your pearls on October 31, you and your troop can give Juliette a birthday gift that she is sure to love!

Check out these crafts your troop could use to make a "pearl" necklace:

Martha Stewart's Faux Pearl Necklace

Easy Faux Pearl Necklace Made of Cornstarch Clay at the Tissuepaper Blog

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Take a moment and vote to help sister Girl Scouts win a $50,000 grant! The Aetna Foundation is hosting a Fight Childhood Obesity Grant Contest on its Website and Girl Scouts of Connecticut has been selected as one of 10 organizations nationwide to compete to win the $50,000 grant. The funds would enhance Girl Scouts of Connecticut's new Live Healthy, Lead Healthy program for girls.

The Aetna Foundation will award the grant to the organization that receives the most number of votes, so everyone's vote is vital! Please support your sister Girl Scouts by clicking here to vote before the contest ends on October 5. You can vote up to 25 times! Let's rally all of our Girl Scout family and friends to help ensure that more girls will live healthy and lead healthy!

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It's time for the annual Cans for Cash™ City Recycling Challenge!

This national recycling competition runs from October 1 - October 31. All you have to do is save and recycle your aluminum cans to help your city win! A total of $70,000 in prize money can be won in categories ranging from Most Cans Collected to Most Innovative Ideas, as well as the American Video Recycler Award.

Get your girls together and grab up some cans!  This is the perfect opportunity to teach your Girl Scout troop about the benefits of recycling and how it conserves our natural resources. You could get the Recycling Rocks fun patch, too! Help girls collect used cans from family and friends to donate to your city while educating them on global sustainability efforts.

The cities in our council participating are: Montgomery, Mobile and Daphne. 

For fun recycling facts and games to share with your Girl Scout troop, visit

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Did you know that Girl Scout events and programs are covered by insurance?  This insurance is completely paid for by Girl Scouts (just one of the many things those cookies pay for...).  Of course, it isn't meant to replace a family health insurance plan, but to provide coverage for registered girls and adults participating in supervised Girl Scout programs.  Complete details are covered in this brochure.

There is also "tagalong" insurance, for those events where unregistered children are allowed.  This insurance is paid for by the troop, but is very inexpensive (11 cents per day for each person).  All the details are on this form.

If you have any questions about insurance, when to file an Accident/Sickness Report, or other issues, please contact your troop leader or call our office at 800.239.6636.


The Kappa Delta's have announced the badge offerings for this year's event. Since we are late offering these choices, we are extending the registration deadline (with no late fee) until September 30. KD Badge Day is a very popular program where Brownies and Juniors earn two badges and older girls earn one IP. The Junior choices for this year will be: Global Awareness, Healthy Relationships, Car Sense, A Healthier You, Weather Watch, Earth Connections, Finding Your Way, Drawing and Painting, Dance, and Outdoor Cooking. Older girl choices will be: Women's Health, From Stress to Success, Just Jewelry, and Your Own Business. Brownie offerings will be available next week; contact Mary Anne Brutkiewicz, ext. 1202, to find out which badges will be offered.

Want to avoid delays in the processing of your event and training registrations?  See below for a few helpful hints.


Event Registrations: When registering for council events, the Event Registration form should be sent to the appropriate person or the Service Center indicated in the event announcement. If you're not sure who that is, you can always e-mail it to


Late Registrations: To avoid further delays when registering after the deadline has passed, include the late fee (10%).


Adult Training: Use the Adult Learning Registration form when registering for the adult training courses, sending those to the appropriate person or Service Center indicated in the announcement.


If you have questions, contact Volunteer Services Liaison, Cheryl Miller, ext. 2302


Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama now requires girls and adults to sign a hold harmless agreement prior to participating in council events or using council property.  We suggest that you have each member of your troop and their parents to sign this agreement and send it to the council office closest to you now, so that we have it on file when you register for an activity.  In the future, your troop will be required to sign a hold harmless agreement at the beginning of each Girl Scout year.  If you have any questions, please contact Karlyn Edmonds, ext. 2903.

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You see them every day -- great big grins on little Girl Scout faces! We want to see them, too!


Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama wants you to share photos and videos of you and your girls showing "how you grin for Girl Scouts" for a chance to win a Flip Video Camera for your troop!


Submit your grins starting October 1 through October 31, 2010, by uploading to our Facebook page,


Tell your friends and family to log on to Facebook and "like" our page,, and vote for your winning grin by commenting on your picture!  The picture with the most comments between October 1 and October 31 wins a Flip Video Camera.


Good luck, and get grinning!

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20100915drcrlogo.jpgThe Dog River Clearwater Revival (DRCR) is looking for Girl Scout volunteers to participate in a fun community service project to protect Dog River and other waterways from being polluted. The goal of the DRCR is to educate the public about storm drains and their role in keeping pollution out of our waterways.

Their storm drain marker project consists of volunteers gluing small markers onto storm drains that read "No Dumping -Drains to River or Bay". It is simple, and can be done at your troop's convenience. The DRCR will provide all of the needed materials and assign troops to a specific community. This is a great opportunity for girls to help the community and environment while learning valuable lessons about the importance of preserving our waterways. If your troop is interested, please contact Janet Miller, 251-654-1827. Visit their website,, for more information.

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World Habitat Day is October 4! Our girls have a great opportunity to help breathe new life into local neighborhoods by helping to restore human habitats. Every day, we see images of people across the world suffering in poor housing conditions. Established by the United Nations, World Habitat Day is designed to both educate and initiate assistance in your community.


What can your troop do to help residents of Southern Alabama live a better life in a happy and healthy home? Start planning today! Visit for more information.  You will find free planning materials and resources to get your troop ready to help restore their local communities!

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The Program Team has received several requests from volunteers asking for online or walk-in registrations. We hope to be able to offer online registrations at some point in the future. In the meantime, we want to make event registration as easy and equitable as possible. Therefore, we have adopted new registration guidelines.  One major change is the method for submitting registrations. Starting today, the completed Event Registration Form may be mailed, faxed, e-mailed or delivered in person to the appropriate service center specified in the event description.


Another change will be the way that we process registrations. Event registrations will be collected and date stamped on a daily basis.  When the number of date stamped registrations exceeds the number of spaces still available for the event, the registrations received that day will be entered into a random drawing for the remaining spaces.


The final change is that a penalty will be added on late registrations. Most of the programs that we offer are facilitated by volunteers or other non-profit agencies.  A lot of effort, money, and especially lead time goes into planning these activities.  Many times we have to cancel events because we do not have sufficient registrations by the deadline date the facilitators have requested. Therefore, starting today, if an event registration is received after the deadline, a penalty fee of an additional 10% of the entire registration fee must be paid before the registration will be processed.


For further information, read the new policy: Registration Guidelines


If you have any questions, please contact Karlyn Edmonds at extension 2903.

American Cancer Society

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The American Cancer Society is sponsoring a breast cancer awareness walk in Mobile October 30, 2010, downtown in Bienville Square. The Girl Scouts have been asked to participate by cheering at the finish lines to show support for the walkers. Girls are also encouraged to participate in the walk if they want to. They are asked to wear their uniforms, make signs and come in good spirits ready to cheer on the participants! Girl Scout troops will check in at the volunteer tent. 

The presence of the Girl Scouts at an event like this speaks volumes of the girls' dedication to their community and their compassion for a cause that is held dear to so many women all over all over the world. If your troop would like to participate in this event, please contact Cheryl at 251-377-4388 no later than September 15. 

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Mobile BayBears

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The Mobile Bay Bears are headed to the playoffs! The next home game will be Saturday, September 11 at 7:05 p.m. against the Jacksonville Stars. This would be an excellent chance to redeem your tickets from the rain out game August 27.


If you have your tickets, you may exchange them ahead of time at the Bay Bears Administration Office or on game day at the Will Call Window. Unclaimed tickets from August 27 will be available at the Will Call under the Troop # and leader name.  The Girl Scouts do not have any additional tickets for this game; tickets may be purchased at the gate.  

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Event Helpers are needed for Eco Badge Day, Saturday, October 2, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  This includes setup and cleanup time; the program itself is from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.   Adult volunteers must be registered and approved Girl Scouts and able to work the entire time required.  In exchange, their daughter will receive free registration to be refunded after the program.  If interested, contact or (334) 272-9164, ext. 2950.  If selected as a volunteer, you will be contacted with additional information.

patch_ontime.jpgRegister ON TIME for the 2010-2011 membership year!  As you know, the Girl Scout year is from October 1, to September 30.  Keep your returning girls involved in Girl Scouts by not allowing their membership to lapse.   Plus, any new girls who are registering for the first time will get the On Time Patch as their first patch!

You may order the FREE On Time patches for all girls registered on or before September 30, 2010, with the exception of any girls who registered early and have already received the Early Bird Patch.  Patches will be ordered for the number of girls indicated below plus up to TWO additional patches for adult leadership. 

This form must accompany your troop registrations when they are submitted to the council.

2010browniestarterkit-vest.jpgWe're ready for a new Girl Scout Year at our Council Shop. We have age-level starter kits containing everything a new Girl Scout needs, as well as lots of new, fun clothing and accessories. We also have a ton of great items on Sale. Check it out!

We have received many questions lately about deadlines for Girl Awards, especially in view of the fact that we are still in transition to the new Journey Awards. Girls who are completing their awards under the 2006 Studio 2B standards (planners currently available on the GSSA Website) have absolute deadlines for all completed and approved paperwork:


Bronze- September 30 of the year the girl enters 7th grade

Silver- September 30 of the year the girl enters 10th grade

Gold -September 30 after the girl graduates from high school


Please note that the absolute deadline for all completed and approved paperwork for all of these awards is September 30, 2011.


Girls who are working on awards under the new Journey standards have absolute deadlines for all completed and approved paperwork:


Bronze-September 30 of the year the girl enters 6th grade

Silver - September 30 of the year the girl enters 9th grade

Gold -September 30 after the girl graduates from high school


More questions? Contact Mary Anne Brutkiewicz, extension 1202

Gold Award

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In order to earn a Gold Award, a girl has to interview with the Gold Award Committee twice: when she submits her proposal; and when she finishes her entire project. Interviews will be held quarterly and the following paperwork deadlines will apply:


September 30 -paperwork submission deadline for Fall interviews*

December 30-paperwork submission deadline for Winter interviews

March 30-paperwork submission deadline for Spring interviews**

June 30 -paperwork submission deadline for Summer interviews


*final deadline for proposals for high school seniors

**deadline for final reports for high school seniors


Please note that September 30, 2011 is the absolute deadline for all approved and completed awards under the 2006 Studio 2B Guidelines. Therefore, June 30 will be the deadline for all girls working under these guidelines. The only exception is high school seniors, who have March 30 as their final deadline.


Please consult the revised Gold Planner for more information.

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