Technology -- you love it, then you hate it.


Technology can be the best thing that happens in your day, and then suddenly it turns on you and ruins a perfectly nice day.   When I first came to Girl Scouts, we did all our work with the cookie program by hand.   We had elaborate spreadsheets with troops and service units, booth schedules, and receipts books and receipts everywhere. That was just how the cookie program worked.   Over time, there has been a slow evolution to putting all things related to the cookie program on-line.

Now, the good part of having it on-line is there are great tools for girls, since technology and the use of technology is their world.   So a girl can go on COCO, set her goals, watch as she achieves her goals and learns.   She discovers how to plan.   This is a wonderful thing if you are young.   The on-line materials our cookie baker, ABC, provides are excellent and add to the cookie program.   Girls are better able to connect the cookie program with the five business tools they are learning through the program, so I recommend that your daughter, troop, and service unit use COCO, as it is a great resource for them.

On Tuesday, we also discovered the downside of technology when the Montgomery portion of the booth scheduler managed to have your troop only be able to sign up for a booth sale all day long.   This is probably your worst nightmare, an all-day booth sale at Walmart.   It certainly quickly became our worst nightmare when 17 pages of volunteers had tried to sign up and wound up with the all-day booth sale.   We're sorry about that. It was a great case of human error.   Our apologies, as we know this created some serious havoc.   We did have a discussion that next year instead of the 6 a.m. booth scheduler opening up, we will have it at noon when folks can possibly do it from work, home or their cell phones, and we will be in the office to deal with the issues.   We welcome your thoughts on that change at

If you were one of the troops tied up in this technology faux pas, please know that we are working to fix it immediately.   We also are working to get in touch with you so we can honor what you intended.   If we have not e-mailed or spoken to you yet, please contact Cheryl Miller at   She is working to address this with those conscientious volunteers, who got caught in our mess.

Thanks for your perseverance and patience. We appreciate all you do to make the world a better place.



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