It's time for cookies...


This also means that it's time for the increase in media around the between Girl Scouts and their "supposed" connection Planned Parenthood.   This is when we receive a number of calls from troop leaders, who are blind-sided by this false claim. This time of year, there is a tremendous amount of publicity about the Girl Scout cookie sale, which produces more than $700 million in sales across the United States and is the world's largest girl-led entrepreneurial project.  Some media outlets try to gain attention to their own agendas by asserting that Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood have a relationship.   Let me be clear -- we don't.

I spent 30 years in higher education, where at least twice a year I was either on television or in the newspaper about some university-related issue.   I was always stunned and amazed that my quote was chopped off, cut up, or the sound bite wasn't the part of the interview where I was making my point.   I have some first-hand experience on how the whole truth doesn't necessarily occur in our sound-bite, twitter-sized world.   I also know that not everything I read in the media, see on television, or see on a facebook or twitter feed is true so I work hard to figure out what information I believe is true in the avalanche of information that comes at me each year.

What we see is a number of organizations that use this time of maximum attention toward our organization to assert there are conspiracies, hidden relationships, and other activities going on that don't fit with the nature of Girl Scouts.   We spend lots of time responding to volunteers' and parents' questions concerning this issue.   We can only supply information about Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama.   Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama's board has met and discussed this matter. Attached is the link that spells out GSSA's policy with respect to Planned Parenthood and other sensitive issues.   We don't have a relationship with them now.   We don't plan on having any relationship with them in the future.   We believe these value-laden discussions are best handled in the family and the church.

I cannot speak for GSUSA, but my experience of many meetings and telephone conversations with other Girl Scout CEOs across the country is that there is no discussion about a relationship with Planned Parenthood.   Each year we receive calls from frustrated volunteers and parents who have experienced someone in the girls' faces talking about Planned Parenthood and Girl Scouts.   It is often someone who is unreasonable.   You have to wonder about an adult who would do that to a girl working to sell cookies.   Rather than have the upset parents and volunteers, we wanted to get ahead of this issue for this cookie sale.  

We believe we are well positioned for a great program.   We have access to many more Wal-Marts than in the past, as well as other businesses.   The cookies are on order and will be here before we know it.   We appreciate all the work and effort you put into the world's largest girl led entrepreneurial endeavor.   Please let us know if you have encounters on the issue of Planned Parenthood or irrational individuals at cookie booths, so we can pass it along to others at that location.   Every year I'm amazed by the girls who were quiet and shy before he cookie program and blossomed learning business values through one of many of her Girl Scout activities.




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