What Social Media Do You Use? Please Take a Short Survey.


During the cookie program, we are looking at the various ways we connect with you.   We want to communicate with you, and likewise, we want you to communicate with us.   Just recently, we had a service unit mess because we didn't know there were issues within those working there, so communication is a critical issue for us - particularly at this busy time of year.

We have the GSSA Weekly e-newletter that comes out each Thursday.   It includes information on cookies, programs, camps, rule changes, a blog entry, and other information about happenings around the council.   We plan on continuing that initiative because we have metrics from Constant Contact we use to see what is being opened and clicked on.   We track that, so we can shape the GSSA Weekly to items we know you are interested in.

We also are looking at social media, since some of you use that rather than an e-mail account.   We thought we would do a quick survey of what you are using and what you find the most useful.   We are also looking at some of the new media opportunities to assess whether to up any time into these or not.

We are starting to work with Instagram, which is good for us because of the visual nature of it and so much of what we do is well communicated visually.   We have talked about using Vine, as well, which does brief videos.   How useful that is for us isn't as clear as Instagram.

We do know that, during the cookie program, the e-mails that go from the ABC SNAP program tend to work fairly well.   As we continue to get the modules of E-Council to work, we will have that capacity.   We want to know what works best for you, and when you are spending time on-line, what programs you use.

I hope cookies are going well so far.  Please click here or on the image below to take the short survey. Thanks for your feedback.






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