Why Be A Girl Scout?


Why be a Girl Scout?   There are many great answers to this question that we ask folks this time of year, but here are some of my top responses.

1.    Girl Scouts provides a learning opportunity that shapes values around loyalty, patriotism, and a reverence for those who have sacrificed to give us freedom.   While the kids around you are daydreaming through the Pledge of Allegiance or a flag ceremony, you know what it means.   You know these symbols signify something larger than you.

2.    Girl Scouts learn to develop friendships and frequently lifelong relationships with others, both peers and adults.   Every time I'm out I have someone talk to me about an adult that influenced them that might have been their Girl Scout leader or someone in their troop they are still friends with, years later.   Girl Scouts learn to interact with others in a setting other than school where you can make decisions about the fun things you want to do.   They also shape healthy relationships.

3.    Girl Scouts participate in activities, programs and events that you might not otherwise have access to.   Girls in Southern Alabama sleep on a battleship, dig in the mud at Dauphin Island Sea Lab, ride zip lines at Kamp Kiwanis and Camp Scoutshire Woods, and go behind the scenes at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, among many other things.   Girls have fun with their friends while learning and doing in a safe environment.

4.    Girl Scouts master DISCOVER, CONNECT, and TAKE ACTION as keys to learning and how they view the world.   They can take these easy to use keys and apply them to everything throughout their lives.   They learn to give voice to their concerns and take action to make their community better.

5.    Girl Scouts become members of the largest female alumnae association in the world.   They are a part of a sisterhood of women who care about their community and have become women of confidence, courage and character.

Why did you become a Girl Scout?   Share your stories of how Girl Scouts has contributed to your development.   Let us hear from you!



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