We give thanks...


This is the time of year when we are transfixed by the beauty of the harvest moon.   The cotton is thick on the plants, ready for someone to harvest it to create warmth and cover for someone.   As I drive up and down I-65, the trees are burnt oranges, reds, and yellows, noting the change in the temperature and the onset of winter.   Harkening back to the pilgrims, this is the time of year we give thanks; thanks for the bounty we have been given.

Those of us who work at GSSA give thanks for those of you who volunteer your time, talents and share your gifts with girls to create a confident, courageous generation of girls who will change the world.   Through volunteering, you change the world, one girl at a time, and one event at a time.   We have the privilege of seeing that in action every time we attend a meeting, participate in an event, or experience a program.

We are grateful for the girls, who would rather spend their time honing their skills than sitting in front of the television or their electronic devices on Saturday morning.   These are girls of action who take risks, move out of their comfort zone, and try all sorts of new things.   These are also girls who learn to relate to one another.   They learn the art of talking and listening to their peers.   They learn to negotiate decisions with others participating.   They learn how to get along with others.   These girls will become exceptional adults.

We are grateful for the opportunities to explore nature and the outdoors with the camps and properties we have access to.   We have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful lakes, trails, tents, buildings, and kitchens in the woods all over our council jurisdiction.   We are grateful to have access to opportunities that arise from these properties that others do not enjoy.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to serve our community and improve it -- whether that is through picking up trash where we meet to providing a library for our school that didn't have one.   Girl Scouts serve their community and perpetuate respect for flag and country.   We are grateful to live in a country where we are free to do that.

Happy Thanksgiving! 



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