Announcing the Entrepreneur Discount!


We have received many suggestions about rewarding girls who participate in either the Fall Product or the Cookie programs (or both).  We are eager to make sure these special girls are honored, as well, and as a result, we are delighted to announce our new Entrepreneur Discount!  Girls who sell either $75 in Fall Products OR 2 cases of cookies (24 boxes) will be entitled to a special discount for council-sponsored programs. 

The amount of the discount will vary, depending on the program.  This is because some programs require significantly more staff support to coordinate.  Since product sales provide a large part of the funding for our staff and programs, it just makes sense that girls who sell products get a larger discount in these cases. This also means that some of our most exciting events will have the biggest Entrepreneur Discount!

New Members: new Girl Scouts will be able to register for programs at the discounted price until the end of the Fall Product sale.  If they have sold $75 in Fall Products, they will continue to receive the discount.  If not, they will pay the regular program fee until after the Cookie Sale. If they sell 2 cases of cookies, they will then receive the discount for the following year.

Returning Members: did you sell $75 in Fall Product last year, or two cases of cookies? If so, great!  You have earned the discount through Cookie Sale 2014.  If, at that time, you have met either of these goals, you will continue to receive the discount for another year.

We hope your troop will enjoy the Entrepreneur Discount - it's a well-deserved recognition of the energy and time invested by our girls, as they learn important life skills in the most delicious way possible!



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