Summer Delights Girls with Fun Camp Experiences


It is starting to get hot outside, summer is at our doorstep.  This is always the best time of year, as we have camps going on all over the council.   Resident camp started at Scoutshire Woods this week.   We have girls learning to ride horses, to survive in the woods, to swim, and how to be independent strong, confident girls.

This summer, we are fortunate to have a grant at the beach, so we have Beach Scouts going, a month long day camp for girls.   This is their second week, and they are having a blast.   Summer is a great time to continue learning, but learning by hands-on experiences.   Many children learn better with hands-on experiences, so we are pleased to have the opportunity to enrich girls' lives through summer experiences that build skills, push them out of their comfort zone, and get them into the great outdoors.   I hope your plans for the summer include great family time with your Girl Scout.



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