How Can We Serve More Girls in Your Community? We Want Your Advice!


We need your assistance. It's summer, and we are doing plenty of planning for the fall.   The cookie program rewards are up at resident camp and on the website for the girls to vote on.  Planning for council programs that require long lead times are in process, and every week we have another day-long meeting to work on plans.

We are moving toward a different model of member recruitment in the fall.   For years, we have used the council staff to go around the council and conduct recruitments in many areas.   However, we have learned that you know your community better, and often, we are simply in the way or don't fully understand what schools and communities have what needs.   We are interested in partnering with the key players in each service unit to maximize our recruitment efforts in the coming fall.   We have not made our membership goal this year, and that always affects other issues.   It is like dominoes -- once the first domino goes there is a cascade.

We want your input before we get too far down the road in planning.   Please send your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions to, and we will integrate your feedback into our plans and work to include you in assisting us reaching more girls.

Thanks for all you do. I hope you are having a great summer. 



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