Too Many Girls and Not Enough Adults


Too many girls and not enough adults -- that is always our problem.   It's tough to find adults who are brave enough to step up and say they will lead girls.  Although parts of being a Girl Scout leader drive you crazy, the effort is certainly worth it.   How many people have the adulation of that many girls?   Each year we have hundreds of girls that we can't place in troops, so they don't have the opportunity to experience becoming a girl of courage, confidence, and character.

In the near future, our membership staff will be asking you two questions, because we are starting to plan for next year, even though we are only six months into the 2012-2013 membership year.   We will ask if you returning as a troop leader next year?   We do that so we know where we will have troops and where we need to focus.   The second question is whether you are willing to have more girls in your troop?   We have girls who want to be in troops, so, if you are able to accommodate more girls, please consider it.  

Please assist us as we try to provide a rich learning opportunity for all the girls in our 30- county area by helping us identify others who might serve as good troop leaders.   The best advertising for adults to step up are troop leaders who extol the virtues of what changing the world is really like through working with girls.   If you have friends who you believe would make good leaders, let your field executive know.

Hopefully, this time of year you are having some fun with your girls because that is what it is all about, shaping future leaders by having fun with them today.



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