What Does Your Daughter Watch?


Recently I was at a Girl Scout CEO meeting; I was talking to Anna Marie Chavez, the GSUSA CEO.   Anna Marie is energetic, enthusiastic and filled with new ideas and initiatives, exactly what we want for an organization that is charged with moving at "girl speed."   

We were talking about television.   She has been trying to interest television networks in creating a program about Girl Scouts.   This would dramatically increase our visibility, highlight the many fantastic activities Girl Scouts participate in, and showcase the community service Girl Scouts provide.   I asked if she had seen the new National Geographic program, "Are You Tougher than a Boy Scout".   I had seen the second program, where the Boy Scouts performed as empathetic, responsible young men, who were winning against the adults.   As we discussed it, I told her I would do some quick research about our girls and what they enjoy.

The question of the week has to do with what your daughter likes to watch on television.

The question is: What are your daughter's top 3 television programs?

The second question is: What are YOUR top 3 television programs?

And finally, if Girl Scouts had a television program, what should it be called? 

While I was at the meeting I thought of some program titles that I thought would be appealing.   What are yours?

Pleas send your top 3 television programs to communicatons@girlscoutssa.org.   We will compile the information and let you know the results.   Help us find out what appeals to your daughter, so we can move at "girl speed", too.



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