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We are in the process of working on a number of publications for our donors and constituents.   Our best stories are not my stories, but your stories.   I've asked the staff for stories from each part of the council and have received some good ones.   I suspect we have lots of good stories about girls and their troops doing amazing things, and these are the ones we want to share with people that support us.   They want to feel that their money is making a difference in the lives of the girls, and it's your stories that will show them just that.

We had a fund raising event a couple of weeks ago, and a longtime Girl Scout, Dianne Belk, came with her husband.   Dianne grew up poor on a cotton farm in Mississippi.   She wanted to be a Girl Scout, but her family could not afford it, so her mother said she could earn the money by selling the eggs from one of their hens.   Dianne wanted to be a Girl Scout so badly that  she collected those eggs, carefully washed them and walked them a mile to the store where the grocer purchased them from her.   She learned to have confidence as a Girl Scout.  

Dianne went to college with $5 and her clothes in a brown paper bag.   She went on to be one of the first women industrial engineers in the United States.   Dianne was so successful that she was able to retire early.   She and her husband will leave a large portion of their estate to the Girl Scouts, because being a Girl Scout changed her life, and she changed the world.

One of our favorite recent stories is about a girl who wanted to be a Girl Scout.   Her mother said they could not afford the cost.   She convinced her mother she wanted to be a Girl Scout, so her mother allowed her to use all the money in her piggy bank to join.   During the cookie program she sold more than 180 boxes of cookies.   We don't know, but maybe she will be the next Dianne Belk.   Even if she isn't, because of her experience she will be a girl of confidence, character, and courage who will leave the world a better place.

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