Why does Participating in the Cookie Program Matter?


Do you get irritated while waiting in the grocery store line, and the new checker comes in, opens the lane next to you and then takes the person waiting in line behind you?   Have you ever had to fly somewhere and pay a small fortune for an outrageously expensive airline ticket, knowing the person sitting next to you probably paid one-third of what you paid.   Where is the fairness? 

 As U.S. citizens, we have learned to line up at school at an early age. When I get ice cream, I appreciate the fact that the business has a number you can pull, so you get your turn in the order you arrived.   That's fair.  Unfortunately, most Girl Scout councils fund all their operations and expenses from the once-a-year cookie program. For the 2011-2012 membership year, 68 percent of our council's income was from the cookie program, so it is upsetting to hear a parent say "we aren't participating in the cookie program. "   I understand standing at a booth sale is a pain.   I also recognize collecting on bad checks takes time and winds up being very frustrating, but I see girls building confidence, finding their voice, managing people who are rude or don't want to buy cookies, and I'm convinced this is a good endeavor.

Many councils have implemented a program service fee, since your annual membership fee goes directly to GSUSA.  I felt that wasn't good for our council.   We want girls to participate in as many programs as possible!  Going forward, we will have different levels of pricing for council programs and services for those girls who elect to not participate in the cookie program.   It isn't fair to all the girls who participate in the cookie program to pay for those who do not.   We requested participation at a minimal level, at least 24 boxes of cookies.   If you elect not to participate in the cookie program, pricing for council programs, events, and properties will reflect the actual amount it costs to produce the program or operate the property.

This year more than 5,000 girls in our 9,000 are participating in the cookie program.   What some of those girls accomplish is unbelievable.  I spoke with a girl a week ago who was already sold more than 1,000 boxes, and we still have weeks to go.   There's still time to teach your girls how to become cookie entrepreneurs.

Thanks to those who are tired of thinking about cookies for what you do to make the world a better place through creating young entrepreneurs.



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