What are They Learning?


I've been out and about during the cookie program.   If I see girls selling cookies, I make a point and going by to thank the girls.   In every instance, the girls I met were having a great time.   Some were playing with the empty boxes while waiting for customers.   Others were trying to stay warm.   I met one group that had been out in the wind for five hours -- now that takes some fortitude.    I talked to another pair on Saturday, and just while I was there, the wind took its toll, but the girls were smiling and enjoying themselves.   Most of the ones I saw in action were excellent sales people.   They approached customers with a smile, took rejection well, and made me proud that I have the privilege of working with these girls.

As an educator my questions are always the same. What are they learning from this?   Do the girls participate in the goal setting?  Do they make decisions?   Do they learn about money management?   Do they improve their people skills?   Do they learn business ethics?   Those are the objectives of the cookie program.   The ones I saw were doing an excellent job in all those areas.

I realize most of us will be grateful when the program is over, as it creates chaos for a couple of months. I always hear stories about kids who sleep with cookies, and actually, when I travel to my dorm room in Montgomery, I sleep with cookies too.

Thank you for all you do to make the cookie program a success.   Teaching the girls these skills are lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime.



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