How We Know You Make a Difference



How do we know what you do as a Girl Scout make a difference?    This is one of many questions the Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI) has studied recently to document outcomes of participation in Girl Scouts.   This study examined the relationship between Girl Scout experiences and success in school.   Rather than a pre-test, post-test research design, it involved surveys of active Girl Scouts administered near the end of the academic year.

So what did the GSRI researchers discover in this research project?

  • Girl Scout participation has a positive impact on girls' leadership

  • Most Girl Scouts in this study are academically successful - they finish their homework, get good grades and understand their class work

  • Girl Scouting influences academic success as much as, and sometimes more than, non-Girl Scout factors known to impact academics

  • Girls who gain experience solving problems and seeking challenges in Girl Scouting are more successful in school than girls who gain less experience in these areas

  • Some Girl Scout experiences are more beneficial than others in promoting the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) outcomes that influence academic success

  • Lower socio-economic status (SES) girls report greater benefits from Girl Scouting than do higher-SES girls

So, please remember, what you do with girls does make a difference.   For more information on this report or to read the full report, visit the Girl Scout Research Institute website,



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