Cookie Bites - Important Reminders

Important Cookie Reminders

Please remember to:

  • Read SNAP messages - they keep you up-to-date on new developments
  • Don't leave cookie money in your car, or unattended at a booth sale or work
  • Only sell ABC cookies - we aren't allowed to sell Little Brownie Bakers cookies in our council
Combating "Cookie Fatigue"
Sometimes we feel it, too! We know the "5 Skills" that girls learn from selling cookies. There are two more skills that we, as Leaders, demonstrate, and that girls learn by watching us:
Perseverance (following through) and Diplomacy (grace under difficult circumstances); when you are ready to run screaming from a busy booth sale and go home, remember: girls are watching and learning from all we do.

Bored at a Booth Sale?
It can be hard to stay focused at a booth sale when we can't run around to burn off excess energy. Here are a few suggestions: guess what your next customer will buy; ask people their favorite cookie; be an "advocate" for the cookies you need to sell; think up and try different sale pitches ("$7 for two!").



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