There's a New Scent in the Air


Can you smell it?    Does it remind you of summer breezes and warm summer weather?   It should! It is the scent of mango crème cookies, which remind you of an afternoon at the beach and smell like a refreshing swim in a beautiful pool with the hot sun bearing down.   There's always something new in the air this time of year -- must be the precursor of the world's largest girl entrepreneur program - the Girl Scout Cookie Program!

As I am out in the community, I'm asked, "where are the cookies?"   The answer to that this week is they are about to arrive!   The conversation after that is always interesting.    Most people note the cookie they prefer, from there they go on to explain why they like Girl Scout cookies.   Part of this conversation always goes back to how they cannot resist the girl selling the cookies.

This year GSUSA is going to do some national media advertising during the cookie sale, and they have declared February 8, 2013, is National Girl Scout Cookie Day!   We are working on our area media for that day.   Here is what GSUSA has outlined as talking points for the cookie program.

When a Girl Scout sells you cookies, she's doing more than just handing you a box.   She's creating a plan, interacting with customers, and working as part of a team.   She's building a lifetime of skills and confidence.

Selling cookies teaches goal-setting, decision-making, money-management, people skills, and business ethics - aspects essential to leadership, to success, and to life.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program empowers a girl with the strength, abilities, and drive to become an accomplished woman who benefits herself, her family, and the world.   From heads of the household to heads of state, troop leaders to world leaders, Girl Scouts touches every aspect of society.

So, when you are tired to hearing about cookies, thinking about cookies, or moving cookies, remember: this is what a girl can do to change the world.

Thanks for all you do to assist her in accomplishing those goals.



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