Planning -- It's a Beautiful Thing!


It's January, and the cookie the craziness has begun. The offices smell somewhat different than usual -- it must be Mango Crème's.   And they certainly look different, with furniture moved aside so we can shift cases from one space to another.  

I've already heard two stories of people being flagged down by others unknown to purchase cookies, one at a Waffle House.   There must be something about Waffle House as I hear a similar story to that every year.   We, of course, love to hear the fun stories about cookies, and there are usually plenty of them.   If you have a great story, please let our new director of public relations and marketing, Meghan Cochrane, know.   She can be reached at or call either office and dial extension 2907.   If you need more media releases in your area, please let us know.   We put out the media kits before the holidays.   Thanks to those troop leaders, girls, and press reps that made that happen.   It is a lot of work, but it's fun.

The council's initial order was about the same as it was last year, which was disappointing because I think most volunteers found they did not get caught with cookies.   We've also heard others say they need to come to the cupboard and refill already because their initial order is sold.   We LOVE that!   You go girls!   Like you, we don't want to get caught with cookies either.   This is why we ask you to do planned orders.   We order cookies for the cupboard based on your planned orders.   We keep some additional in the cupboard, but you know what it is like to be "caught" with cookies at the end.   We also don't want to have that happen, so inventory management during the sale, albeit a pain, really does assist us in not getting "caught" with cookies.   You might think, well it's not my problem if the council gets stuck with the cookies.   That is true, but the girls pay for it, whether it is your troop or the council, so planning is a beautiful thing.   I certainly understand, though, that sometimes you can't plan.

If you need additional pick-up hours for large orders, we are always happy to accommodate you.   Last year we had the cupboards open for long spans of time.   In fact, I received complaints when folks arrived to find out college guys snoozing while waiting to fill orders.   This is what college guys do when not occupied.  We are cutting back on the number of hours, again, to save the girls money.   However, if you need additional hours or exceptions for pick-ups, please contact the cookie hotline at 800-239-6636, option 5, and we will work it out.   This should be done in advance.  We do want to sell cookies, we want to be of service to you during the cookie sale, but we also need to be fiscally conscious because all the money is the girls' money.

We do love to hear the stories about the sale.   Let us know what is going on!  Thanks for all you do to make this a successful program.



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