Don't Undervalue What You Do for Girls


Last week I was delighted to serve as your host to a holiday open house and presentation at the Montgomery Service Center.   Part of this holiday event was to honor a long time Girl Scout volunteer.   Mary Edith Jones is 90 years old.   She started her troop with second graders around 1952, 60 years ago.   She took that group of girls through high school as Girl Scouts.   They traveled, they camped, learned how to build a fire, learned to canoe, learned to sail.   It seems one of them managed to dump dirt into their dutch oven while cooking grits over a campfire.   Fifty years later, she is still hearing about it, a fond memory that makes them laugh.    Mrs. Jones is a special woman, someone we refer to as one of Juliette's Pearls.   Juliette Gordon Low sold her precious pearls so Girl Scouts could be funded.   She sold something she valued so this organization could live.   Women like Mrs. Jones gave her time, her talents, and herself to make the world a better place.   Her troop meets every year and they have done that for 60 years.   They travel together, eat together, and continue to stay in touch with one another 60 years later.   At the focal point of their fellowship is Mrs. Mary Edith Jones, who laughs with them and loves them.

I recognize it might sound very hard to live up to the standard that Mrs. Mary Edith Jones has set, keeping in touch 60 years later.   However, it is clear she made a difference in the lives of those girls and others.    It is clear she enriched their lives and made the world a better place.   At the holiday open house I saw a few younger versions of Mrs. Jones, leading the singing, getting the girls organized and dressed to come over and entertain.   Never underestimate the impact you are having on a girl and what that might become someday.



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