Cookie Bites - Q & A

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We have several parents (hairdresser, auto body repair specialist) with private businesses who have asked if they can display cookies at their business and sell them throughout the day once cookies have been delivered. Do they need to wait until cookie booths have started?
Also, can a child sell cookies from her front yard on a high traffic street before cookie booths have started?
Answers: Yes and Yes
The line can get kind of fuzzy, we know. We consider the cookie sale from your own driveway much like having a tag sale in your own front yard and placing cookies on the counter at your own business is the same as a mom or dad taking their daughter's cookies to work and putting them on their desks to sell to co-workers.
We want the girls to think outside the box, use those marketing forms, arrange a milk and cookie break in the lobby of a large office building, go places, meet people, raise their visibility beyond just standing in front of Walmart or Winn Dixie.



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