Cookies Will Not Sustain Me


As much as I love Girl Scout cookies and could eat a lot of them; a healthy diet requires me to eat a wide variety of food.  Just like you and I need more than just cookies to keep our bodies going, so does our council.

Making the world a better place has always been important to Girl Scouts.  When we work together we can make a bigger difference in the world.  Like many councils across the nation, we have been working to build a culture of philanthropy within our organization, and this week, as we were discussing how best to share our stories, it was clear we believe in what we do and we are making a difference in our communities. 

Girl Scouts is in business to change lives, and we collectively do a good job of it.   You are our partners, in the trenches, at meetings, in a car, taking girls to the zoo, a museum, and events throughout southern Alabama and beyond.   You believe in changing lives because you do that every day with your girls.   They trust you, they rely on you, and you deliver.  

As we ask our volunteers for funds, some respond, by saying, "I give you my time, so I have already given."   We appreciate your time, as it is valuable.   When we do the math on how many hours you give to change lives, it is staggering.   However, just as I cannot live simply on a cookie diet, the girls of this council will not survive over time on just the proceeds of the cookie program.  

Our girls are FANTASTIC at selling cookies, but it is not enough to sustain the hundreds of acres, 36 buildings, 36 bathhouses, utility bills, financial assistance, salaries, tractors, and vehicles needed for Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama to succeed.   I understand not having enough money to go around at the end of the month, but I do believe that our 3,500 adult volunteers, who give generously of their precious time, understand why cookies will not sustain us. 

As we work to build a council that isn't living from one cookie program to the next, please help us identify others who want to invest in changing lives.   If you have thoughts or ideas on others who are willing make an investment in changing lives, please contact Melinda Stallworth at



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