Vivian B. Adams School Troop 9230 Needs You


As the council's COO, it's not my job to play favorites when it comes to troops. I have to admit, though, that there are several that are near and dear to my heart. My own daughter's troop is a source of great joy for her, and as such, it certainly makes me happy, too. I love watching this precious group of girls learn new things, develop skills and simply have fun.

There's another troop that never fails to make me smile, as well, and it involves a special group of girls in Ozark. For several years, we have had a troop at the Vivian B. Adams School, which provides educational opportunities for mentally and physically disabled individuals.

While nonetheless faithful in their love for Girl Scouts, the girls at Vivian B. Adams are a little different in some ways than the ones in my daughter's troop. For starters, they range in age from about eight years old to more than 50. They may walk a little slower and sometimes have difficulty communicating, but they smile just as brightly and sing just as sweetly as all the other Daisies and Brownies I know.

Over the years I've visited Troop 9230, I've watched them receive their Daisy petals, sing lots of songs and talk about what they love about Girl Scouting. Attending their celebrations and presenting them with their certificates is one of my favorite things to do each year. I love seeing the mothers of these girls cheer for them as they receive their patches, and watching the troop repeat the Girl Scout Promise always touches my heart.

Now Troop 9230 needs our help. Because this group is typically led by a volunteer and grant funding has diminished, we are in need of a new volunteer. These girls currently do not have a leader, and we fear they may no longer be able to be participate in Girl Scouting without the right person stepping up to help. If you or someone you know in the Ozark area might be interested in leading these girls or your troop might be willing to "adopt" them, please contact Cheryl Miller, our volunteer liaison.

The girls of Troop 9230 already make the world a better place, now they just need a special person to lead them. Is that special person you?



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