The Generosity of Others


As I look out my office window and type this, I see one of our contractors working on a new door and lock.   As I stroll the Mobile office property, it is littered with nails, metal chunks, scrapes of wood, trucks, trailers, and men working.   All of this is the result of the generosity of others. 

We have been very fortunate to have had some excellent cookie programs, so we are able to address the rotten doors at the office.   We are able to replace the roof, so when it rains it will no longer come into the buildings.   This is done with the hard work of a large cadre of girls who are entrepreneurs and business women, even at the tender age of 5.

We have been fortunate lately to have a company that had excess materials from another job donate those materials to us so our girls no longer would meet, play, and sleep on a stained and aging carpet.   In the Mobile Volunteer Center, we have new tile on the floor, a new kitchen floor and the place is starting to look FANTASTIC!   All of this is the result of the generosity of others.   In tough financial times, people do still want to invest in their future by supporting children.

As you struggle with the fall product sale, wrestle with  the software late at night trying to put your order in, you too invest in others.   Every week when I am out and around the council, I meet a Girl Scout alumna or previous troop leader and the stories are always the same.   No one else would step up and take this troop, so I did, or my mother did.   I hear "my mother was a troop leader, now I am a troop leader" frequently.  

As we start to move toward Thanksgiving and consider what we are grateful for, we are all grateful for you.   As someone who frequently has to untangle some knotty problems as part of my work, we do recognize how sometimes your patience is tested to the limit.   We do understand that there are days when dealing with parents of girls in your troop make you wonder what you were thinking when you agreed to this.   But then, you hear the laughter of an activity you created.   You have a girl come to you to ask questions about life.   You overhear a girl describe what she has done as a Girl Scout, and it makes all the time and trouble worthwhile.

Thanks for stepping up, we appreciate your generosity.



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