Spend Your Time on Projects that will Transcend Time


I have very little free time, and I suspect you do, as well.   I'm not sure, but my recollection is the last time I simply wasted time might have been in high school.   Certainly, by college there were too many things to do to waste time.   And since then, I can't recall having time to waste.  

On those days when you are so harried you just want to sit down, shut your eyes and regain your sanity, try to remember much of what you are doing now might transcend time, and how your work as a volunteer will last through the girls you help shape and interact with on a daily basis.

As I age I feel guilty for not thanking the teachers, coaches and adults that influenced my life.   Some are now long gone, but I want to let them know how much their interest in me made a difference in the person I am today.   How many of you have the same impulse? 

When you are confronted with way too many Girl Scouts, making noise, whining, bouncing around with endless energy, understand your interest and time with them will impact them.   They probably don't recognize it now, but later, as they grow into young leaders, the time you spent listening and investing your time in their activities will shape who they become.

So, on those days when you drop into bed exhausted, just remember you are investing your time into people and that influence will transcend time.



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