Measuring Outcomes


What exactly does that mean?   For many years, our public supporters were willing to fund Girl Scouts because they simply knew the program resulted in building leaders.   The evidence was clear -- name a female leader, and you will find most were Girl Scouts.   As public funds have declined, we have to make a better case that the many things you do with girls, builds leadership.  

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience, a curriculum provided by GSUSA through the Journeys and Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting, are linked to each state's curricular requirements.  Our funders, although they enjoy the visits with girls at allocation hearings, can no longer fund Girl Scouts simply based on the number of girls we serve.   We have to prove girls learn, grow, and change because of their Girl Scout experience.  

As we continue with the YEAR OF THE GIRL, the program team will be working to collect outcomes data from troop leaders and events via event evaluation forms.   We are looking for feedback on whether the girls involved learned what was intended.   Did the program enhance what the girls might learn in a classroom by having hands-on experiences?   Can we prove that our outcomes are worthy of public funding?  

I believe what we do collectively is building a great future for our girls.   Please help us as we ask for this data.   We recognize it takes more time at the end of some events, but we want to be able to continue to provide quality opportunities for all girls.   Thanks for all you do to build this great future!



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