Trying to Harness the Energy and Enthusiasm of All of You



Each year GSUSA assesses (grades) our council on a long set of performance standards.    So we all work hard to provide our girls the best possible Girl Scout experience.   Some of these standards are easier to meet than others.  One of them focuses on membership.  Another focuses on  maintaining a strong financial position.   

We have been growing membership, but slowly.   We would like to continue to grow membership and harness the strength and energy of the 3,500 volunteers who are committed to making the world a better place through Girl Scouts.   We are also working on continuing to increase funds to service units.   Previously, in some of the legacy councils, service units did receive some of the cookie funds.   

We are interested in your input on giving a service unit a $.10 (10 cents) per case bonus if the service unit increases girl membership from the 2011-2012 end of the year membership numbers.   This needs to be accomplished by December 15, 2012 for the service unit to be eligible.   The second incentive for service units is a $.10 (10 cents) per case bonus if the service unit increases the cookie program sales.   At the most recent CEO meeting I was listening to others talk about cookies, since we all rely on this as a critical source of our income.   Some councils are moving to $5 per box this next year.   We are not: we will remain at $3.50 per box.    

We are attaching the proposal for your comments.  Please send your comments directly to -- we want to be sure that we gather as much input as possible!



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